Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Not what I had in mind

I'm beginning to regret buying husband a Wii for his birthday. I had this image of a happy family playing sports and doing fitness exercises while the rain poured down outside (yes, I was taken in by the Rednap family on the advert). Unfortunately, it hasn't quite turned out like that. The problem was, I forgot that husband was an independent entity who could go on the internet and buy other games for it without asking my permission.

He has now bought himself "Tiger Woods Golf" game. While the sun shone last week, he was practising his golf swing ....... indoors!

I've threatened to cancel his Golf Club membership.

He has also bought daughter "Me and My Horse" so she wants to groom and train her horse, Sandy, all the time. I've practically had to force her out of the patio doors into the garden.

She has now been limited to one hour per day on the Wii.

I wanted to use Wii Fit to get a bit fitter and healthier, but I can't get a look in. I can't get on the thing except after daughter has gone to bed and the minute she hears me doing the Step Aerobics she comes downstairs to tell me it isn't fair that I'm playing on the Wii while she has to go to bed. Don't worry, she got short shrift.

What happened to my vision of a happy family bowling together?

I'll tell you what.

In an effort to have my happy family bowling experience, we all went to TenPin Bowling Alley at Cheshire Oaks!

Not what I had in mind!


Suburbia said...

I absolutely HATE our Wii, the music, the pull that it has on the childrens time, all of it! Worst purchase I ever made!!! Good luck.....


PippaD said...

I made a rule when we had ours that we had to play on it for at least five hours in the week (not in one go!) and that we had to go for a walk outside for at least two hours once a week.

So far it is balanced nicely... but then I use it the most before anyone is up doing my exercises!

The wife of bold said...

WII's are EVIL - i have banished the remote to the back of my kitchen cupborad for the very reasons you describe! The kids just want to sit on it all day, they don't want to include you in it and want it all to themselves - you can't get them outside unless it's with the promise of icecream or some form of bribe! I like how your not ashamed to admit being taken in by the rednaps hehe

Emma said...

Bought my man a xbox for his birthday! I've never regretted something so much in my life!!

This is me - 'Jonny can you change Oli's nappy/feed him'

Him - 'Yeah.. After I finished shooting this alien/bloke/wild pig'

10mins later it's still not done!
So I kinda see where your coming from! I hope Oli doesn't become a computer game addict like his dad!


Reluctant Housewife said...

The actual bowling alley is way more fun!

The thrill of newness will wear off eventually and you'll find that you're better able to strike a balance with the Wii. Or not. ;)

Nicol said...

We had the opposite happen with our Wii. We purchased it and used it for a whole two weeks. After that it sat there unused. We finally decided to sell it. We aren't big on video games and tv, we much rather read sucked into the internet.

rosiero said...

You'll have to set your alarm and sneak downstairs while they're all asleep.

Kassia said...

I know exactly how you feel, I bought my husband a Wii for his birthday last December and he's been obsessed ever since.

I was sure I wasn't the only Wii Widow out there!

gigi said...

Sorry things didn't turn out the way you thought.

Kelloggsville said...

I tell my daughter she wouldn't have so much fun playing on her friend's wii's if we had one at home!!!! So far I am wii free - join an excercise class - you get to meet people too!!!

Claire Sutton said...

I'm with Reluctant Housewife on this one - it'll all sort itself out in the end.

When husband got a PS3 for Christmas two years ago all he and eldest son could think about was Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones for a couple of months.

About 6 months in you could see the excitement wearing off and now eldest son is on it for about an hour a week (some weeks not at all) and husband is on it whenever I'm out of an evening which is about 4 times a year!

Working Mum said...

Thanks for sharing your Wii stories. I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually.

Rosiero - I'm sooo not a morning person! (Although I have been on your blog since dawn looking for Kay's A level results!)

Kelloggsville - Unfortunately, when I'm back at work, I won't be able to go to a class; it's difficult enough getting to choir rehearsals once a week. That's why I thought the Wii would be useful - I could do a bit after daughter has gone to bed.

Nicol - I think you are in the minority by not being sucked into the world of Wii, well done for resisting!

Claire - Preciseley why I didn't get him a PS3 - at least the Wii is more active than just sitting on a sofa. I should be grateful that they are both doing some sport and exercise, even if it is indoors!

scaryazeri said...

Yeah, I have been thinking of getting my husband one of those, but then decided it was a bit unfair as I would end up using it the most. :))) I am easily addicted to stuff like that. Once, years ago, I got so hooked on Harry Potter PC game, I was up till early hours in the morning playing my in-laws house during xmas time!!! Bad, bad, bad....