Monday, 31 August 2009

A new term, a new me

It's nearly time to go back to work (Wednesday). It always feels like a new start, a new year and time to assess.

Over that last few months I have felt like a change. A change of me. Slowly I have reawakened an interest in how I look and how I feel. I've been more energetic, I've lost a few pounds, I feel better. I have made a conscious effort to change my wardrobe, introduce more colour into my life. I've splashed out on fabulous funky jewellery in a myraid of colours and I've even bought new glasses in purple and pink:

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My new work wardrobe for this term is not three suits and five V-neck sweaters from the Next Directory as it has been for the last five years, no, I've bought a coordinating work wardrobe of trousers, skirts, blouses and a jacket in a mixture of greys, purples and berry colours. I've only allowed myself one suit (for Parents' Evenings).


What has prompted this metamorphis?

I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my birthday next month (the big four-oh!). I know it is normal to take stock when reaching a milestone birthday, but to be honest, it really doesn't bother me being 40, it's an excuse for a weekend away and a meal with family and friends. No, I think it's more to do with the stage my daughter is at.

When she was younger she took up all my spare time. It felt like my life was either working or looking after her (hence Working Mum on the Verge!). There was no time for shopping, for haircuts, for exercise, manicures, pedicures, ie no time for me.

Now she is able to play independently (indeed she now shoos me away from her room!), I find I have some time for myself. I have time to blow dry my hair, paint my nails, apply body butter!

Not only that, since she started school I haven't had to hand over £6500 a year to my fabulous childminder (not that I begrudged a penny; she was truly fabulous and I still miss her support and advice). And although most of that is now going on this money pit of a house (slight caustic tone there), there is now some extra cash for holidays, clothes, haircuts and make up that wasn't there before.

Is this a normal stage for mums to go through? Have I just emerged from a phase that women go through following childbirth? Is this Working Mum on the Verge of a breakthrough rather than a breakdown?


Strictly said...

Well I haven't done the new me but, though I feel like I will once I lose some weight as I plan to. But I know what you mean about getting back some time for myself.

Our breakthrough this summer has been doing things like family bike rides where no-one gets left behind, and going on an exciting tree top trail where the 5 year old, harnessed up, led the way across wire ropes and cargo nets 30 feet up. So not so much time for myself but more interesting time together.

Sharon Owens said...

Hiya, not a breakdown, just time for you!!! I'm 41 and i did the same thing last year. I love wearing black but I did sort out about 10 bags of stuff that didn't fit me properly, and gave it to charity, and painted our house all-white and started eating muesli for breakfast. You are still a loving mum. My child is 16 and I still pray they won't get knocked down by a bus - don't worry - enjoy your new clothes. Sharon xxx

Maggie May said...

Some of the most trendy teachers I know (where I work) are 50! They look great!
Hope everyone loves your new look!

The wife of bold said...

It sounds like a major breakthrough to me, oh to have the time to apply body butter - that will be me in five years...hopefully :)

Studentmum said...

It's normal, it took me about 6 or 7yrs after the twins were born until I started to look at 'me' again. Now I enjoy pampering myself and it is a kind of re-identification if that makes any sense! Good for you.

rosiero said...

Not sure if it is a minor blip - I haven't had time to do all those things in 18 years!!! (by the way, the word-verification as I am about to post this comment is "deter".

Insomniac Mummy said...

New term and a new you sounds like a breakthrough to me.

Only a few years 'til I get my 'me' back....

Suburbia said...

Yes, I think we take stock when our children start to take less of our time. It feels great not to be 'just' a mummy.

Kelloggsville said...

yes, I reckon I started to refind me when H was about 4, and in the past few years (she's 10 now)I go to a hairdresser regularly, have started exercising and have found time to blog - 'sheer luxury' (said in thick Yorkshire accent)

Go back to work with your confident new wardrobe and feel great about you. x

Moannie said...

Oh it's a breakthrough alright!

Had you gone the other way it coulda, mighta been a breakdown. Now you are a fabulous forty and lookout world.

scrappysue said...

totally normal, although that feeling took me almost 20 years!

let's see the fabby new you then!!!