Monday, 17 August 2009

My Birthday List

Thank you to all my bloggy friends who put up with my last miserable post and let me know that it's okay to feel like that once in a while. I feel better about it now. Time to stop feeling sorry for myself, count my blessings and look forward to my up and coming birthday (next month).

Husband has asked me to make a list of what I want for my birthday. Don't think he's copping out of thinking of something, he isn't. He's usually quite good at thinking of presents, but he's very wary. You have to understand that I am a very particular,(some say picky), person who can be very difficult to buy for, so a little point in the right direction can help. Especially when it's a big birthday and I'm likely to remember this one for a very long time!

So I had a little think about a few things I'd like that I wouldn't buy for myself and this is the list so far:

Ipod Touch
(I'm being optimistic here, it won't happen)

Madeleine Peyroux CD

Christian Dior Dolce Vita perfume

Thornton's Continental Chocolates

Wii My Fitness Coach Get in Shape
(for after I've eaten the chocolates)

Boots Ingredients Mango & Orange Blossom Shower Gel, Bath Foam and Body Butter
(ooo, I'm relaxing just thinking about those)

Ainsley Harriott's "Just Five Ingredients" Book
(to make life a little easier)

Mini Cooper with Union Jack trim

* * * * * * * *

Just thought I'd slip that last one in; well, a girl can dream, can't she?


Sass E-mum said...

Good luck with that. If you don't ask, you don't get!

Tawny said...

It is my birthday on Thursday and an iPod touch is top of my list too!

Maggie May said...

Be interesting to see what turns up.
I'm known for being picky too!

Insomniac Mummy said...

Oooo, the Boots stuff sounds lush!

Hope you get something you want (and here's hoping for the iPod Touch or Mini ;))


Surprised and Excited Mum said...

I Love my mini cooper (with target on the roof) and refused to change it for a more baby appropriate car.

You've got to have a dream, else how you going to have a dream come true!

amy said...

a great list i hope you get most of them! and happy birthday for when it comes around xxx

Reluctant Housewife said...

Well I hope you get all that and a bag of chips!

PippaD said...

You had better specify that you mean a proper one, not a toy one or you might end up with a micro machine car!

scaryazeri said...

So...a Big birthday, eh?

I hope it is not a CD then.
And I hope you get some surprise. I think we need more surprises in this otherwise boring life. :))

rosiero said...

Hope you enjoy the cookbook! :-)

scrappysue said...

that is a VERY manageable list - you oughta get at least THREE of those items and they don't look too hard to source - even for a bloke!

Iota said...

Matchbox toy, or real thing?

Polly said...

That is a fabulous list. I asked my mum for a quilt this year and she got me a rice cooker.....

I hope you have more luck than me!!