Sunday, 26 July 2009

MIL Blues

I promise tales of Menorca soon when I've sorted out the photos, but I had to have a little rant about MIL.

Yesterday, she arrived unannounced, as usual, as I was unloading the huge Tesco shop I'd just done and tackling ten loads of holiday washing (and just in time for lunch). She took up residence in the kitchen and asked about our holiday.

I just kept quiet; that way she has no ammunition.

However, husband started to tell her about our gorgeous hotel, the beautiful beach, etc.

She managed to criticise everything he mentioned about our fabulous holiday including the fact that our dinner was a buffet and not waiter service!! She always likes to be waited on (don't I know it!).

So, deflecting the conversation before she could ruin any more of my perfect summer holiday memories, I asked her about her holiday in Llandudno with her sister. She'd told us before we went away that they were going to stay in a beautiful hotel with fabulous food.

Unfortunately, it didn't turn out as she'd imagined.

She proceded to tell us of the substandard rooms and the small portions at dinner. At this point husband said, "Well, if it had been a buffet, you wouldn't have been able to complain about the portions, you could have helped yourself"

I nearly splurted my fruit juice all over the kitchen table!

She went on to describe what an awful service there was, that the rooms weren't properly equipped, the food wasn't good enough, etc, etc. I was starting to feel a tiny bit sorry for her, but then the truth came out:

They had paid just £60 per night for dinner, bed and breakfast in a two star hotel, but were expecting four star service and facilities!

Husband, uncharateristically, said exactly what I was thinking:

"Sounds like you got just what you paid for, mum!"

I know I shouldn't gloat...........


Anonymous said...

I thought my mother-in-law had died and gone to a bad place, but it sounds as if she has somehow morphed and turned up as yours.
Hope she doesn't have the same pursed lips, perfect iron grey hair coiffed to within an inch of its life, steely ice blue eyes behind glinting spectacles, ramrod straight back and a habit of tapping her toe on the floor to emphasise her points of disdain.

Working Mum said...

Moannie - she's turned up here in Manchester!!

Kelloggsville said...

My MIL (known to me as MIH - motherinhell) purses her lips in a manner that makes her mouth look like a cats bottom, it unfortunately makes me & daughter giggle which only makes the situation worse.

At least your husband supports you and sounds like he is on your side - mine is a mummy's boy and usually leaves me to defend her off alone.

Did you see this :


So many MILS are the same, maybe you need to have a son to understand it!

The wife of bold said...

he he - she sounds like a nightmare, i think i was one of the luvky ones as my MIL was an absolute star, my mother on the other hand is a pain in the backside :)

Working Mum said...

Kelloggsville - just read those articles, unbelievable. I guess my life could be a lot worse!

Wife of Bold - looks like we're the opposite way round - I'd love my mum to be round the corner instead of MIL - she's much more understanding and helpful, maybe because she was a working mum too?

Anonymous said...

I hate it when people try to spoil my good memories. Well done you for holding your own.

Suburbia said...

Yay! What IS it with these MIL's?!! Glad to be shot of mine!
Sounds like you had a good holiday tho'.

amy said...

I am like the wife of bold my MIL is very nice (even though we did fall out when me and hubby first got together) i find i can tell her things more than my mother, she is a pain in the arse too!! xx

Maggie May said...

Although I didn't get on with MY MIL, I now find that I am now somebody elase's and I am not liked, either.
I always think what goes around, comes around. It is karma! So watch it ladies!

gigi said...

Funny, so glad her own son came up with the perfect come back! Good for him :)

Nicol said...

You are so brave! I mean that by saying that I wish I could post some of the things really on my mind but can't in fear of someone reading them. I take it that your MIL doesn't read your blog.

It's times like these that I'm grateful that my MIL speaks another language that I don't understand!

SandyCalico said...

Glad your husband told her what he thought!
My mum lives thousands of miles away so I'm very lucky to have a wonderful mother in law. She never criticises, thanks goodness!!