Friday, 31 July 2009

Just call me Elton

This morning I went to see my lovely, lovely optician. I always have my MOT in the summer holidays; you know, optician, dentist, doctor, etc. Anyway my optician said that my eyes were very healthy and my eyesight was still the same, no change in prescription. So my existing glasses (I have a black pair and a brown pair) were fine, no need to change the lenses.

However, I said that I fancied a change of frame. Feeling a new me and a new image coming on I thought I would go for something colourful - pink or purple. I tried on loads of pairs of glasses and gradually narrowed it down to two - one pink/mauve plastic and one pink/silver metal. I couldn't choose. I so badly wanted both.

Now, my last pair of glasses were £200 so I couldn't afford to buy two pairs at that price, but I asked what the prices of these two were just in case.

"These are quite reasonably priced", he said, "£120 for that one and £130 for the others"

Just as I was weighing up in my mind whether I could justify buying both, he interjected with:

"If you'd like both, I can do the second pair for half price"

Yay! Result!

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So, what do you think?


PippaD said...

Well Elton, I think that a change is as good as a holiday...

Anonymous said...

I think you got a good deal. The Farmer wears pound glasses from the pound shop!

CJ xx

Maggie May said...

A change is good for you and lets hope that your eyes don't change soon as you will have 4 pairs of glasses that are not too effective.
We always go to Specsavers where they seem to do a good deal unless you have to wear varifocals like me!

Mean Mom said...

Hmmm.... very stylish! I need to visit the optician, too. I hope I can get the same deal!

scrappysue said...

they make you look even MORE intelligent than you are! very cute - and a bargain to boot!

Working Mum said...

PippaD - I think a change of glasses is a change of image!

Crystal Jigsaw - Unfortunately I don't have that option with my terrible left eye and stigmatisms in both eyes I need a proper prescription

Maggie May - I know Specsavers have deals, but I went there once and the glasses they made me weren't actually my prescription. I used them for two years before I found out. So I found myself a lovely, lovely, private optician who looks after me brilliantly.

Mean Mom - Go to the optician and treat yourself to some pink glasses, go on, spoil yourself!

Scrappy Sue - intelligent as well as fun; just what I was aiming for!

Anonymous said...

More Dame Edna that Elton I'd say!

Reluctant Housewife said...

I think I'd like to see actual picture. That's a phenomenally good price! Yay, you!

PS: My glasses are dark purple. I love them.