Thursday, 9 July 2009

Bang Goes the Theory

Normally, when a PR company contacts me to ask me to promote something, I think about it but then I politely decline. I will gladly thank people like who give me a mention, but I don't normally review products that aren't really relevant to this blog. However, I was contacted today by a company launching a new BBC programme on a subject close to my heart - science.

You already know how daughter and I rush to Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry at every opportunity, we are regulars at Halifax's Eureka and at half term I took her to the Science Museum in London. We do our own experiments at home and I am constantly encouraging her to ask questions about the world around her - her favourite seems to be "What floats and what sinks?" when in the bath (she's even trying different temperatures of water now to see if it affects floatation!). If you feel inspired to try some experiments with your children check out Experimental Mum - she has some great ideas.

To me science is all about posing questions and trying to find answers; I have absolute faith that science will find answers to important questions like how to find alternative forms of energy and how to feed the world, provided we still have scientists to do the research. So, I feel it is important to foster a love of science in our children, and I was more than willing to help on this occasion - please read on, as it may inspire you to foster a love of science in your children:

Being a self confessed science geek...........

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........ I am so excited about the new BBC family science series "Bang goes the Theory" Have you seen the trailers? Fireworks, big contraptions, live experiments. Fabulous! (I do hope this isn't just me!)

It launches with a live broadcast on 14 July on BBC One (between the One Show and Eastenders) with a live attempt to transport Dr Yan Wong across a 2.5m void using magnetism. Fantastic! Who wouldn't want an effortless way to get around? It then continues with a ten part series from July 27th.

With daughter's love of science and invention (remember The Attentioner?) she will no doubt be riveted and inspired in equal measure. Unfortunately, I am on holiday when the live experiment airs, so I'll be setting the recorder and, of course, watching the series later in the summer.

You can join in the fun via the Bang Goes the Theory website and, if your children have a burning science question, why not Ask Yan?

Who knows, you could have the next Professor Brian Cox in your family!


gigi said...

Well that's pretty cool!

Strictly said...

Cool, will try to catch that.

PS Glad your daughter is loving Rainbows!

Michelloui said...

What an inspiring post--i love teaching/learning/exploring with my daughter. This sounds great,thanks!

rosiero said...

Thanks for the tip. As you may know from reading my blog, my daughter is also a science fanatic, so I am suer she will be very interested. I shall keep an eye on the dates of the broadcasts!

Maternal Tales said...

I think I once got 14% in a Physics why am I not surprised that my daughter has yet to ask 'does it sink or does it float?' She must have my genes. I shall try to nurture her scientific side though...I know it's important! x

Maggie May said...

The future depends on science and it's good for children to start learning while young.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be more into science, you're an inspiration.

I get emails from companies asking for a review on my blog but I don't like to advertise on my blog and I think that's all they really want.

CJ xx

(Very) Lost in France said...

My son is a science nut too so we'll look forward to watching this new series. Anything that makes science fun is alright by me. VLiF

Iota said...

This sounds like exactly the kind of tv I miss so much, living in the US. Imaginative, educational and just downright fun.

Maybe I can see it on the BBC website.