Tuesday, 30 June 2009

We're saying sorry, but we're not really, we just don't want to be bothered

Today is Speech Day at school, which means that I have the morning off and go in just for the afternoon. Yay!

However, I needed to go and pick up our holiday tickets for next week. Not yay!

So I prised daughter away from CBeebies, argued with her, finally got her out of the house, (okay, I bribed her with a gingerbread Sponge Bob Square Pants from the bakery if she went) and headed off into town.

I found a space in the Pay and Display, paid and displayed and marched daughter off to Thomas Cook.

There, on the door, was the notice

"This branch will not open until lunchtime, sorry for the inconvenience"



That it?

I've given up my morning off, wrestled and bribed a five year old, paid for the car park and you're sorry?

Well, "sorry" doesn't cut it, mate!

After swearing and cursing under my breath, I looked through the window and I saw various Thomas Cook employees 'pottering' about.

Not in a meeting.

Not training.

Just pottering.

I thought that was why they didn't open until 10am. Possibly, they just wanted a morning without inconvenient customers today?

So, being a brave, annoyed and time poor Working Mum, I knocked on the window. Thomas Cook man looked at me incredulously. I beckoned him over.

I very calmly explained my situation:

"I've taken the morning off work to pick up our tickets" (sort of true)

"I've got my daughter with me and I've already paid for the car park, could you just let us in to collect our tickets?"


He let us in, I got the tickets (but not the car hire voucher, which hasn't arrived) and the Euros.

Mission accomplished.

Don't Thomas Cook want customers anymore?


ModernMom said...

Not great service considering how much travelers can do themselves on line these days! Good for you for knocking on that door!

Reluctant Housewife said...

I'm glad they let you in a gave you your tickets!

Maggie May said...

I am speechless!
Good for you knocking them up. Are they doing you a great favour letting you book with them?

I know just what a hold CBeebies has on children. It is so difficult to prise them away.
I think I must have been deprived as a child as we had no TV!

rosiero said...

I'm not surprised you were annoyed. I would have been too. Glad they understood your dilemma and let you in.

Suburbia said...

Good of them to let you in I suppose. Brave of you to knock!

MBNAD woman said...

You are so much nicer than I am! I'd have been kicking the door.

But then again, I am Mad...

PippaD said...

Hello! There is an award for you over at mine!

cheshire wife said...

It is always worth a try! Hope you have a good holiday.

Expat mum said...

A very American approach I have to say. After 19 years here I'm still pretty rule bound but my husband's motto seems to be "Well, let's just see". And he's usually lucky. If you're nice, people can be very accommodating.

scaryazeri said...

I would have lost it! things like that really wind me up. so frustrating! well done for getting your way. I know I sound like an ungrateful foreigner... but I have to say there really is lack of notion of customer service in this country. :(

Working Mum said...

Expat mum - your husband is right; it's something I've learned at work - if I ask nicely, the worse that can happen is they say "no" - it's amazing the resources I've been given at work because I asked nicely!

Working Mum said...

Scary Azeri - you are right, customer service is non-existent in most shops, the exception being John Lewis - no wonder I spend too much there!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

ive been in twice for them to find me holidays..they never call me back, perhaps l look like a timewaster..