Monday, 25 May 2009

Why can't a man be more like a woman?

Today I sent husband shopping for clothes for our holidays. We haven't been abroad for six years so our holiday clothes consist of fleeces and waterproofs, not really suitable for Menorca. Also, he is going to be very busy for the next six weeks or so and by that time all the holiday clothes will have gone from the shops. Hence, he needs to go shopping NOW!

I went on Saturday while husband looked after daughter and I bought dresses, tops, a bikini (a whole other post!), sunglasses, sun hat, beach bag, etc. It was great! I told husband I'd seen some nice things for him and he should go and get them. Do you know what he said?

"When can I go shopping? I have to look after daughter"

I pointed out that that is my life from September to March (football season) and he looked suitably sheepish.

Now, I do the finances in our house (something to do with being the one with financial acumen and a total control freak personality) so I said to him "Just buy what you want and put it on the Tesco credit card (TGFT). I'll sort it out when I know how much you've spent"

Then I added, "Oh, and enjoy yourself!"

Because, how great is that? A day to go shopping, an empty credit card and license to spend!

He replied "Enjoy myself? I'm going shopping!"

Wasted on a man!


Maternal Tales said...

little award for you over at mine (and thanks for mine)!! xx

Kelloggsville said...

At least he went alone, mine usually asks me to go with him and sit outside changing rooms waiting for him. I expect one day he'll ask if his bum looks big in this!!

Thanks for the award x

Swearing Mother said...

Men approach shopping all wrong for a start. They don't pace themselves but just dash into the first shop they come across which looks okay-ish, buy a random selection of stuff which doesn't match and probably doesn't fit all that well and then wear it all up the pub that evening so it all has to go through the wash before the holidays.

Women of course, make much more of a hoo-ha about it, stop for a coffee and a wee on a regular basis, maybe a bit of lunch, play with jewellery and makeup, feel all the clothes on the rack before trying on everything, taking stuff home and then deciding none of it looks any good. Next day, of course, we go de-shopping and the whole process starts again.

That's how it goes in our house anyway!

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

It is a chore and a bore to them!
My partner would prefer to just live in the same clothes - two sets for hygiene - and doesn't care that he always looks the same! He views my bulging cupboards with amusement....

Sad eh :)

Looking forward to the bikini post... I will swear now that they put in special lighting to accentuate the wrinkles dimples and bulges.... when will they realise that soft and flattering lighting will sell them far more stuff!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your blog! So spot on about your husband - how funny.

A Modern Mother said...

My husband would say exactly the same thing!

Maggie May said...

At least you can trust him to buy suitable clothes!
I think I would be taking most of the stuff back, if my husband did unsupervised shopping! Maybe I'm a bigger control freak than you!
I would LOVE to be in your husband's shoes, with a blank credit card and the shops beckoning & enticing me in!.

Working mum said...

Kelloggsville - we can't go shopping together because daughter hates shopping and whinges and whines until we crack; easier to go separately until she's out of this phase.

Swearing Mother - I've mangaged to train husband into buying matching clothes and he actually came home with what you could describe as a capsule holiday wardrobe yesterday: two pairs of shorts, three shirts, one pair swim shorts and two t-shirts, all of which were interchangeable. Score! He did only go to M&S though!

Fi - thanks for popping in. You're right, they do view it as a chore, not a pleasure. Although husband seems to find it much easier than me. One hour, M&S, whole holiday wardrobe done.

Maggie May - I think I've done a good job training him to buy clothes. We started with the Next Directory where he could choose without going out and I could vet his choices! He did very well yesterday and I will be happy to be seen out with him in matching linen shirts and shorts. I think he knows what I like now, he he he!

Working mum said...

Victoria - I was going to pop in to yours and leave a message, but can't, so just to say "Hello and thank you"

Millennium Housewife said...

I'll marry you if you want?! The dilemma you so kindly left for me to solve has been duly soved, hope you get to eat more chocolate...MH

mr-stu said...

I'm with your husband I hate shopping so much unless it's for gadgets then I am first out of the door. It is just so boring there is no excitement in it when there are more fun things to do out there in life.

The internet is great for shopping now so much easier.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Oh wow. I'll go! Just say the word. I promise I'll enjoy myself.

Anonymous said...

I love what you say on your latest post about football season. My fiance and I can't get married during football season here in Australia - which rules out basically from January to September.

Not to forget that training starts somewhere around the beginning of December. So we got engaged last November and aren't having the actual wedding until this November, as the planning wouldn't have been last minute.

Add to that the fact that we can't go away any weekend from January to September, due to football commitments - and you have my life. Oh joy!

CC said...

Dude. That is a waste. Shopping sans kids???