Sunday, 10 May 2009

Welcome to the "Running a Home" Programme

Usually husband is at work on a Saturday morning (often followed by a trip to watch Manchester City lose), but this Saturday he was at home. His idea of Saturdays and mine seem to be quite different:

Me: Will you do the Tesco shop while I take daughter to library?
Him: Okay, where's the list?

"That's part of doing the Tesco shop!" I think, but quickly scribble a list to avoid ending up with four boxes of Mr Kiplings and no fruit. It would happen.

Me (on way out to library): When the washing machine finishes, will you peg it out and put the next load in?
Him (with a pained expression): But it's Saturday!
Me: Exactly!

What I meant, but didn't say (in the interests of maintaining a successful marriage), was "Saturdays are when the shopping, library, washing, cleaning and ironing get done. I don't spend it drinking tea, watching TV or reading. There's no magic fairy that does it all before you get home from work! If you're not at work, you join the programme, soldier! "


Maternal Tales said...

Ha ha. Oh yes - sounds like my husband too. His favourite thing to say is 'Do you have to do that now?' (when talking about washing, folding clothes, tidying, etc). Er...yes...because if I didn't do it right here, right now, it would never get done...and by the time later comes there'll only be more to do!

Kelloggsville said...

It makes me feel like such a nag having to ask. Why do we have to do the lists? The perfect help would know what needs doing! I inwardly groan when I hear "tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it" - still it's better than nothing at all (PS online grocery shopping is a gift from the gods)

Suburbia said...

Sounds horribly familiar (makes my blood boil actually!)

Working mum said...

MT - exactly! How does it all get done otherwise?

Kelloggsville - Mars and Venus; men need to be told what to do (always say "will you", not "can you") and then given Brownie points for doing it, I just accept it. On-line shopping has featured heavily in this household this year, but justifying the £5 delivery when we're both at home is difficult, hence I sent him! (One box of Mr Kipling and four types of fruit came home!)

Working mum said...

Suburbia - I'm sure it happens all over the UK every Saturday; it just doesn't happen often in ours because he's usually at work. He is quite obliging really and he did cut the grass while we were at the library.

Maggie May said...

Well put!
Love your description of the shopping.
To be fair, my husband does the bulk of the Tesco run, carrying all the heavy items. He looks astonished though when I go to the local supermarket & stock up with *real* food though!
And I wouldn't let him touch the washing machine! Ut would never be the same again....... !

(Very) Lost in France said...


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

Hear hear!!!

Sass E-mum said...

Your husband should speak to Recaro to understand the joy of being on the moral high horse of doing shopping, planning for meals, sending birthday cards on time and organising anniversary and birthday celebrations.

It brings out the bah humbug in me. And makes him feel soooo superior.