Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Spoke too soon

Oops! I obviously tempted fate by saying I was better. Now stuck at home with nasty throat infection. Can't teach or sing. Can blog though!

Doctor has given me antibiotics and forbidden me to go to work because of what happened last time (six months of breathing problems).

Husband has forbidden me to go to work because he doesn't want me to be ill next week when we go to London.

Trouble is, the following is going through my head............

  • marking is piling up
  • running out of stuff I can set the kids to do without a specialist teacher
  • colleagues have to cover my lessons
  • UCAS references need to be written for the lower sixth
  • Common Room meeting after school tomorrow in which I am raising an important point for staff discussion
How about a compromise?

  • Pick up the marking today when I pick daughter up
  • Sort out some work for next two days while I'm there
  • Find out who covered my lessons and send them personal e-mails of thanks
  • Write references on laptop at home and e-mail to head of sixth form
  • e-mail Common Room Committe and ask them to present my case at the meeting
Just left with the problem of actually wanting to see my pupils before half term so that I can set them up with revision material for the school exams. Perhaps I could manage three lessons on Friday ..................................


Jacki said...

I am so sorry to hear this! Over here in the US we have had an extended flu season, and so many of my friends can't shake their infections, either.

Take care of yourself!

Suburbia said...

You really shouldn't go near the nasty germ filled place ever again!!!

Maggie May said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear you've had a set back.
I blame our strange weather. We go from hot to cold & back & it can't be good for us.

Hope you find a compromise that will suit everybody. Get well soon.

gigi said...

NOT AGAIN?? You had better listen to the Dr if not the hubby. Get better little mama.

Thanks for your comments on Josh and my picture taking. I'm really enjoying the photography classes I took. Gettin to practice on cute family members is just a plus.
Behave yourself and feel better.

cheshire wife said...

Sorry to hear that you are ill again. Do as the doctor tells you!

Mean Mom said...

I think that your body is sending you a message. I think it's saying that it feels in need of a total rest, because it doesn't have the energy to fight off any germs, at the moment. You will recover quicker if you rest totally, I'm sure - not that I expect you to take any notice of me, of course. ;0)

Get well soon.

Mummy Cow said...

Don't you dare go in on Friday!!!!
You're clearly a very good teacher and you'll have given the pupils more than enough this year to help them with their exams. You'll be no good to them next term if you push yourself now (didn't you say that to me last term?!).
More importantly, you'll be no good to your family if you don't listen to the doctor.
This may sound like the pot calling the kettle black - but the pot really does know!!x