Saturday, 9 May 2009

Pull your socks up Working Mum!

So I went out with the mums from daughter's class last night. We went to a restaurant in Wilmslow. Having had a busy week I wasn't as prepared as I might have been and as I was leaving I said to husband,

"How do I get to Wilmslow?"

He looked at me with that look of disdain men have for women who can't remember how to get somewhere that they went once eight years ago. After receiving instructions that involved driving under the runway at Manchester Airport, which sounded a little scary, I set off. I knew I was approaching Wilmslow when I found myself surrounded by BMW 4 x 4s. Then, I had to laugh, I passed "The Aga Shop"! I didn't know there was such a thing as an Aga Shop! Then I saw a stretched Hummer drive past at the lights! I recovered my composure and found somewhere to park.

I found the restaurant and went in. I was the only one there. Is it something to do with being a teacher that I turn up to things on time? I texted husband to say I'd been stood up and he replied "Come home then, I'm doing pie and beans". I don't think so!

Well, the others eventually arrived and remember I once wrote about the different groups of mums: cliques, freaks and geeks? Well the cliques and geeks were there; the freaks must have stayed at home. The cliques admired each other's clothes and jewellery, drank vodka shots and left early to hit the bars of Wilmslow while us geeks talked about mundane stuff, drank our lemonade and left early to go to bed!! I was giggling all the way home.

Anyway, during the conversation I suddenly realised that I am sadly lacking in the mummy department. How could I be so cruel? How could I have ignored my daughter's needs?

What am I talking about?

Well, I don't have daughter signed up after school every day for ballet, French lessons, Kumon maths, skiing lessons, cheerleading (yes, really!), riding lessons, ice skating, drama,.............

Apparently, welly wanging on the green outside our house doesn't count!

Bad, bad Working Mum!

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Strictly said...

She's a Rainbow. That's enough after school for a kid in Reception if you ask me! That plus swimming lessons, I think is enough for a 5 year old.

As she gets older, she'll ask to join stuff and you make the decision then. My daughter does taekwondo and Guides, plus cricket and athletics straight after school. She did do swimming but now has a life-saving qualification and can swim 2000m so I let her stop lessons! There's only so much she can fit in and still have time for homework and relaxing. And she's 10.

SMS said...

Isn't is sooo funny,I've seen that distainful look too! (but who finds everything that's been mislaid around the house, I wonder?)
And let kids be kids, I say. They need some space to find and be themselves before they grow up and clutter their lives with responsibilities.

gigi said...

I just hate it that kids can't be kids! Over scheduled kids are unhappy I think!And at 5 years old I think she has a plenty to keep up with!
You are a wonderful mother! Happy Mother's Day!

Kelloggsville said...

Its easy to get sucked into the "Must join everything or she'll get left behind". My daughter used to do something everyday and some days had 2 things. Dashing from one afterschool activity to the next. She was tired and I found it hard too. She decided what to give up and now has a few clear days a week. She is much happier with time to herself to just chill-out.

rosiero said...

Suppose that makes me a geek, then. My daughter ended up having a social calendar that was busier than mine ever was, what with rainbows, piano lessons, French club and ballet. But it was she who wanted to do all those things, rather than me pushing her. My mother-in-law once remarked "what's wrong with getting bored once in a while?" She was right of course!

Maggie May said...

Oh I see all the children being picked up from the after school club and they are all going off to different things straight from there.
Now they want breakfast clubs set up. Well they can count me out. They'll want us to sleep there next.

I think that a bit of love & attention is the best thing for most of these children. That is what they are craving for & that is what you are giving your daughter. So well done & let the others swank & preen..... you have got it right, I think, for what its worth!

kestrel said...

I think you are doing a great job not having your daughter in many classes and activities. They need to chill and play too. Best is to ask her what she wants to join cos enjoying something does not become a chore then. What's a Rainbow? we don't have it here.

Claire said...

A teacher at eldest son's school once said that two after school activities is quite enough no matter what age they are. You also have to think of homework as an after school activity too!!!

Eldest son has swimming and soccer in the Winter and just swimming in the Summer. I'm thinking that we could add scouts/boys brigade too possibly.

They still want to play after school at this age and he gets invited to people's houses for a play and tea. If he had an after school activity every day of the week then he wouldn't be able to socialise!

I'm with you, don't fill their time up completely, there's no room for imagination that way!

Working mum said...

Hope you all got the hint of sarcasm in that post; I will not be signing my five year old daughter up for a plethora of activities after school. As so many of you pointed out, they need time to relax, to play and to socialise. She also needs 11 hours sleep if she is to be alert enough to learn at school. I think Welly Wanging with mummy and daddy on the green will do for now!

Kestrel - Rainbows is the Girl Scout group for ages 5 - 7 (see my previous post)

Suburbia said...

Good working mum, if you ask me! When do the poor things get time to just relax and play?

Anonymous said...

Neither do I! She's goes to a dance class after school but doesn't want to do anything else except come home. There's plenty of time for that if she changes her mind. We can be bad parents together!