Friday, 22 May 2009

Fickleness, thy name is Daughter

Me: You need to go and tidy your room, it's nearly bedtime.

Daughter (annoyed): You aren't the mummy I was expecting! I was expecting someone kind.

Me: You aren't the daughter I was expecting. I was expecting someone who would tidy her room!

Ten minutes later, room tidy, PJ's on, milk warmed, daughter rooting in her box of 'healthy' snacks.

Daughter (wailing): Mummy, there's no Fruity Flakes left for with my milk!

Me: Let's see what I can do.

I pull a multipack of Fruit Flakes from the back of the cupboard

Daughter: Oh mummy, you are the best mummy in the world, ever!

Me: Really? I thought I wasn't what you were expecting!


Maggie May said...

How quickly things change. Surprising what a friuty flake will do.
I change from being a witch to a good, kind granny almost by the hour! Doesn't pay to be too sensitive, does it!

Kelloggsville said...

Brilliant and how wonderful that you are able to have this kind of conversation. So many homes would just be an argument about both things. Good Mum award to you! x

Maternal Tales said...

Aaah - that is so cute. There's nothing like a bit of food to bring out the positive feelings! My littlest daughter's favourite thing to say at the moment is 'If you don't give me (such and such), then I won't be your best friend any more'. I try not to laugh too much when she says it...

Mean Mom said...

You're lucky to have praise as well as criticism. I don't ever remember having 'The Best Mummy in the World' title bestowed upon me, which is why I called myself Mean Mom! I keep telling them that they'll miss me when I'm gone.

Pam said...

Too cute - and isn't that how they are. Sigh...I miss those days!

Anonymous said...

Ahh! Sweet! But did she tidy her room???!

Nicol said...

That's good! I don't know if I look forward to the day or not when Livy will tell me what an awful parent I am. ha!

I have an award for you! Come on over to get it!

A Modern Mother said...

Mine go between "you're the best mummy in the whole wide world" to "I don't like you mummy". At least I know where I stand.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, now that I am so old, I can't put a foot wrong. I've been the best mum and I've been the worst, now I'm just Mum.

Working mum said...

Maggie May - I think I'm used to it now.

Kelloggsville - that fact that I find her comments amusing helps!

MT - my daughter says exactly the same thing "If you don't......"

Mean Mom - they'll appreciate you later when they realise what you've done for them, then you can cash in!

Pam - you must have similar tales with your grandchildren?

Rosiescribble - yes she did. She knows that a toy goes in the bin if she doesn't!

Nicol - I'll pop over soon!

A Modern Mother - yes it's good to know where you are at that moment in time.

Moannie - I'm sure you are greatly appreciated, if not, would you like to adopt me?

Anonymous said...

Aww, fruity flakes are obviously a magical mood changing food.