Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Why I love teaching, no, really, I do.

I was waiting for my first class to arrive today. They started to drift in when suddenly Sam appeared holding his nose, blood everywhere, saying,

"He hit me! He hit me!"

"Who hit you?" I asked.

"Ben hit me!"

"Well, you go to the nurse and I'll speak to Ben"

I grabbed Ben and tried to find out what had gone on, left my class some work and ran round to the nurse's office to check on Sam. No sign of him.

"Oh my goodness, I've lost a bleeding pupil!!" I thought.

(That's literally bleeding, not an expletive)

I bumped into the Deputy Head and said, "I've got an incident and I've lost the victim"

At that moment Sam appeared, completely clean and realised I was with the Deputy Head.

"It was fake blood, Mrs Working Mum" he said, very sheepishly, then very quietly, "April Fool"

The Deputy Head looked at me, I looked at the Deputy Head.

Sam looked embarrassed.

"Well, Sam", I said, in my best teacher voice, "It's a good job I've got a sense of humour"

and promptly burst out laughing:

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

That's the second April Fools' Day they've got me!!



mr-stu said...

you'll need to wise up next year and get them first!

gigi said...

That's a good one though. Lucky you!

Catharine Withenay said...

Oh - what fun they must have had! Good on you for laughing.

I just wondered about Alan Shearer coming to manage Newcastle - April Fool? Apparently not!

family affairs said...

That was a good one! Lx

Maggie May said...

I was amazed that I didn't get any pranks played on me!

Sorry about the car.

Working mum said...

Mr Stu - nice to meet you! I have played a few of my own in the past, but this year I just didn't realise the date!

Anonymous said...

Not one April fool jape this year, guess everyone is too depressed. How sad. Happy that the kids are acting normally though.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Yikes, and I'm sure all your best teacher and first aid training was kicking in as well as the adrenaline...

I wasn't taken in by the BBC's Kittens Got Talent skit - No, not one jot!! Have a great, and lucky, weekend!

Suburbia said...

What great kids you teach, all harmless fun :)

Anonymous said...

Just brilliant! What a clever idea. You've got to give them credit for that! And they must like you to play a trick on you. We never played tricks on teachers who couldn't take a joke and have a laugh.

Casdok said...

Made me laugh to! Well handled!

Anonymous said...

Can imagine it was a scare at first, but I have to give it to the boys - great April fool!

CJ xx

Iota said...


Gary said...

I hate April Fool's Day for this reason. The kids always seem to get me and it is usually not even as well planned out as this story you shared. It is something like "look over there, behind you" and I turn and nothing is there. HEHEHAHA.