Friday, 24 April 2009

Spot the difference

Well, daughter and I had a lovely time this week. My fears were unfounded. We didn't have to visit every heritage place in the Northwest and we didn't have to spend a fortune. I even managed to have a rest sitting on the patio drinking a cup of tea! Not at all the hectic, mithering, stressful time I had last week.

At the beginning of the week daughter kept asking "What are we doing now, mummy?" - a question that husband would normally answer with "swimming/park/cycling/olympics/badminton/football". I just said, "I don't know, what do you think? Any ideas?"

Gradually she slowed down her hectic pace to one of pottering about drawing pictures, practising handwriting and reading books on the patio (while I drank a cup of tea!). Of course, we've done other stuff, but at a gentler pace, no rushing from one thing to another. We spent a very special 20 minutes just sitting in her playhouse in the garden having a lovely chat. I've even taught her to play cricket. Well, it was St George's Day this week - we had to embrace our Englishness!

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She's also learned to occupy herself with her amazing imagination - she made a lovely worm stew (for worms, not made of worms) while I did some gardening. And she drew a fantastic scene from "Mary Poppins" with Cherry Tree Lane, Mary Poppins floating in on her umbrella, Bert and the Sweeps dancing on the roof tops, Jane and Michael flying kites. Now that took some concentration!

With a little encouragement and some perseverance she has also learned to ride her bicycle without stabilisers! (Good job really, she's getting a new bike for her birthday on Sunday and it doesn't have them)

So, how come this week has been much more relaxed than last week?

Well, there's been no incessant sport on the tv or radio (that alone raises my blood pressure), no "what's the plan for today?" at breakfast, no mad filling of every minute with things to do.

Aha, that's right, husband was back at work!

Could that be a factor?

Better not to question it.


mr-stu said...

It's better when children get that little bit older and are able to entertain themselves just that little bit more by using their own imagination. The hard thing is getting them out at times into the fresh air and to just play by themselves.

Maggie May said...

Nothing like mother & daughter on their own!

Hope the worms enjoyed their soup!

Yes, St. George's Day yesterday and lots more people bought flags this year. I think it should be made into a public holiday! I'm feeling quite patriotic!

Catharine Withenay said...

I love those beautiful quiet moments, just mother and daughter. Glad you had a lovely week.

scrappysue said...

sometimes it IS simpler without the menfolk - glad u had a fun 2nd week

The Dotterel said...

And sometimes we menfolk want the quiet life as well. (And not all of us are sports man, although I do note that the cricket season has begun... and in your garden, WM!)

Anonymous said...

Times like the chat in the playhouse are times you remember forever. Well done to both of you for finding lovely ways of relaxing and being together.

kestrel said...

Just dropping by. Being primary school teachers always startles me. How do you handle the kids? You must have the patience and tolerance of a Saint. Primary teachers will always get a salute from me.