Wednesday, 22 April 2009

My daughter the empathiser

We were sitting in the study yesterday sorting out things for her birthday party and daughter was helping by putting things in party bags: one pencil, one key ring, some stickers, one notepad, Haribos, Milky Way Stars.

She suddenly stopped and said, "Is Sam coming to my party?"

"Yes, he is"

"Well...... he can have those" she said, pointing to the Haribos, "but I don't think he can have those" pointing to the Milky Way Stars. She's quite right, Sam is allergic to dairy products.

"That's right, lovey" I said, "What shall we do?"

"Can he have two Haribos?"

"That's a good idea"

She put two Haribos in a party bag for him.

I'm so proud of her!


Maggie May said...

Brilliant & caring! How lovely.
Pop over to mine, if you have time for a foxy update!

Maternal Tales said...

Aah that is so lovely. What a clever girl!

gigi said...

Now that is a sweet child. You've done yourself proud.

Anonymous said...

She's a little star. I remember the days of party bags, cost us a flippin' fortune!!

CJ xx