Saturday, 4 April 2009

The difference between boys and girls

We have another concert tonight. A quick "Carmina Burana", nothing strenuous. Reminded me of something in the concert we did a few weeks ago; that our musical director (who is female) has a subconscious view about the difference between the men and the women in the choir. It was very subtle, but it was there. See if you can spot it:

During the concert there was a spot where only the ladies were singing and another where only the men were peforming. Now, we rehearsed these pieces separately so we did not know what the other group were singing.

The ladies sang Holst's "Hymns from the Rig Veda". A set of pieces in four movements transcribed from the Sanskrit and known as some of the most difficult but beautiful music ever written for female voices. Close harmony, tricky time signatures, awkward intervals and a feat of stamina at the end. It took a lot of concentration, skill and talent to perform this work to concert standard.

And the men?

Well they sang .......

"Goodnight Sweetheart"!!

Nuff said.


Maggie May said...

That just about sums it up!

auntiegwen said...

I had a carmina burana a few months ago but the antibioyics cleared it up a treat !

Sorry, I'll go now x