Friday, 3 April 2009

Conversations with a four year old - the one about the messy table

The other night I was busy trying to cook two meals at once - one for that evening's repast and one to put in the oven on the timer the next day - when daughter asked could she play with her play doh.

"Yes, lovey", I replied, glad of something to keep her amused while I rushed around the kitchen like a whirling dervish.

I didn't really take much notice of what she was doing until tea was ready and I turned round to look at the kitchen table.

Play doh everywhere!

"Tea's ready", I said, "You need to clear the table."

She took one look at the mess on the table and declared,

"We'll eat in the dining room"!


Half-baked said...

Hmm, that sounds like one of those times where your kid repeats back to you the thing you usually say? LOL!

scaryazeri said...

Have you seen this by the way?
could not find you in the search. just for fun! :)

skywind said...

Children are innocent cute. Sometimes very naughty. LOL
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mr-stu said...

Most of our play doh ends up as much on the floor in the kitchen as on the table, but being a big kid at heart I love playing with it myself as well.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan...clever girl.

scrappysue said...

smart girl - that one!