Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Ugly Bug Ball

Week has got gradually worse, but don't want to talk about it. Still, I do have Izzy to cheer me up every day when I pick her up. Normally it's tales of swimming, PE, minibeast hunts, music and computers. However, today she brought home one of those dreaded letters:

"Class RP are doing school assembly next week. It is the Ugly Bug Ball and Izzy has chosen to be a ladybird. Please bring her costume into school in a labelled bag by Tuesday."


Give me half a term's notice and I might manage to create a ladybird costume, but four days?!

Could be worse, she could've chosen a grasshopper! So, onto the great god google to find out how to make a ladybird costume - tights, t-shirt, velcro, pipe cleaners, patent shoes, headband, etc, etc.

Oh sod it, I'll buy one from e-bay!

This one'll do, won't it?

Well, what else is a working mum to do?


Maggie May said...

Thats very elaborate!
From my experience the costumes that the kids come in to school with are not that great!
Some black spots sewn onto a red tea shirt! Plus a pair of black tights and a pair of feelers! (Hairband with pipe cleaners on either side!)
Bet you have ordered it now!

Catharine Withenay said...

Ooohhh - hackles rising!! The crisis is irrespective of being a working mum: any parent with a life outside child requirements will fail (or, clearly, anyone with a complete creative incompetence). I've had these sort of requests myself and, despite not working, find them almost impossible to fulfil. If my child does not have a green T-shirt (after all, she only wears pink) how am I supposed to get one before the end of the week?
Glad eBay is able to come to your rescue!

Mummy Cow said...

Buy it!! I didn't hesitate last year when daughter's school demanded a victorian costume AND a 60s poodle skirt costume. For 5 minutes I worried about what other parents/kids/teachers would think, then realised my sanity was more important than my pride. You must not spend your weekend sewing!! MC x

The Dotterel said...

Looks perfect!

Working mum said...

Maggie - yep, it's ordered, I just need to nip to Matalan for black t-shirt and tights.

Catherine - why don't they give us fair warning, surely they know because I've just found out Izzy has been practising the song for weeks!

Mummy Cow - I'm with you! Last year I made a pirate costume and all the other kids were in bought costumes so I thought I'd do the same this time. Saving my sanity!

The Dotterel - I'll try and post of photo of Izzy wearing it for a Photostory Friday, as long as it fits - I do have a four year old who wears age 7/8 clothes!

skywind said...

Oh, sweet and innocent. :)
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Half-baked said...

good plan - and I admit I did buy a bee costume when my kid had to be a bee.

Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed. Schools are so good at assuming mums (and dads of course) can just magic an outfit out of thin air.

CJ xx

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Best costume ever, and relatively stress free - well done! In my exp, when son was Izzy's age I got the impression his school thought all the mums were at home, so any notice was minimal, and I was even on the Friends' Assoc'n, so should have known better. Please enjoy a restful weekend! x

cheshire wife said...

Aren't ladybirds supposed to be lucky? Hope that Izzy being a ladybird will bring a change of luck for you.

scaryazeri said...

I am terrified of when I have to do something like that! No way I could achiever this, are you kidding me?
well done!

scrappysue said...

sometimes they have no idea what they are asking!!!

sarah said...

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