Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow joy for Working Mum

You may have noticed there was a bit of snow in the UK today and it caused havoc. Here's what happened to me:

At 6.30am I checked my school's bad weather helpline - school still open

7.30am I checked my school's website - school open as usual, daughter and I set off

8.00am husband was sent home from work (he works near the Pennines; snowy and hilly) - my school still open, daughter and I battling through traffic to school.

1.30 pm our school buses turned up at lunchtime to take some kids home - school still open, staff stay put.

2.00 pm parents started turning up at school to collect their kids early - school still open, staff stay put.

3.25pm husband collected daughter from school (he doesn't often get the opportunity), popped over to my classroom to collect daughter's wellies and go home to make snowman - I, with my four pupils, have to stay put.

5.00pm after battling with traffic, I finally get home to see snowman daughter and husband have made. I empty my car of two bags full of marking to do this evening. Website says school still open tomorrow.


Update - Tuesday 3 Feb - husband still off work, me and daughter still in school!!!



The Guider said...

That's really not fair. I listened to local radio this morning, which I hate, some bl**dy DJ going on about how his girlfriend was the princess in the local panto, and there were no closures in our town.

So at least everyone was either at work or school, no unfair some people being off and some people being in. Though my office did try to get me to work late tonight so instead I'm working from home tonight too, just like you.

auntiegwen said...

200 schools in my county closed, was mine one of them ?, was it diddly !!! and the head said at staff briefing today that never once in it's history had it closed due to bad weather and that it never would, said he in a proud and happy voice

Working mum said...

The Guider - so unfair that everyone went home except me!

Auntie Gwen - aaargh! I feel for you.

gigi said...

Snow days? I have no idea what that means. Did see some snow last week but it was 600 miles away from my home :)

Maggie May said...

We have to play it by ear and if I am called tomorrow then there will be no school. That will mean no after school club.
We don't often get this amount of snow where I live. I believe London has ground to a complete halt. Why does England have this problem?

rosiero said...

My daughter's school was open all day today though every other one in the area was closed, but my daughter was unable to get a bus or train there. It is apparently open tomorrow too. Equally not fair.

Anonymous said...

What a palava, poor you! It is widespread and unnecessary chaos. Grrrrr. My partner is stuck at Gatwick trying to get back to Edinburgh and is having to stay overnight at Croydon after I hurriedly found a hotel online for him that had some rooms left. Double grrrr.

If the school is closed tomorrow, I will hurriedly make arrangements with other mothers for crossover care. What a stress!

I need a stiff drink, but all I can muster is a cup of tea. I am exhausted.

Catharine Withenay said...

Oh no! Where is common sense in all that?

Having said that - why does our country shut down the minute there is a sprinkling of snow? Canada doesn't.

Single Parent Dad said...

Alas such is life.

We're both at home, and after making a snowman yesterday the boy has shown little interest in venturing out in it again. Though it is more ice than snow.

Jacki said...

Yes, your weather made our news!

Mean Mom said...

Oooh! So sorry you missed out. There are so few opportunities to play in the snow, these days. Do you have a snow dome, within reach? My brother and sister in law take their son to the one in Tamworth, occasionally. There is tobogganing and an area for playing in the snow. Not for free, of course.

It's so icy round here, I don't want to go out, in case I slip over and break a brittle bone.

Expat mum said...

Have to take a leaf out of Chicago's book and make sure you have enough salt to clear things up. It plays havoc with wooden floors though.

scrappysue said...


family affairs said...

Oh no poor u that is so not fair. 6,000 schools in the country closed and yours not one of them boo Lx

Gary said...

I know the feeling so well. I would love a snow day but NYC schools hardly ever close. But, once I am there all safe and warm I enjoy watching the snow fall outside as we go through our lessons. It seems to calm things even as it excites. Strange but true.

Making a snowman! Now that is a joy I have not experienced for a very...long...time.

Stay warm and dry.