Saturday, 21 February 2009

The Six Ages of Man

It's been a strange half term without my usual list of jobs. I've been trying to rest, I got a few errands done (school shoes and hair cuts), had a slightly unsuccessful family fun day and went back to hospital.

At hospital the consultant was pretty sure that my bronchitis is a post viral thing from a cold I had last November, which should eventually clear up, but just to be sure he's doing lots of test which includes my taking peak flow readings every two hours. TWO HOURS! Doesn't he realise that at work I don't even get time to go to the loo between 8am and 4pm, never mind peak flow readings?! I have to go back with my readings in a month and have lung function tests and allergy tests - and I thought I'd given up taking tests!

On our Family Fun Day we had a trip to the Science Museum, but not Frankie and Benny's because "a whinging girl does not get treats" so it was straight home on the tram amid much weeping and wailing. Well, you have to carry out your threats, don't you?

The sun came out on Thursday, and boy, does it make a difference to how I feel. I turned into a whirling dervish cleaning the kitchen, the cooker, the microwave, I made a cheesecake, I sorted out my passport application, I ordered printer ink, photos and cooking stuff on the internet (if you are interested, I use Cakes, Cookies and Crafts website) and I even ordered flowers and wine for my parents in the hotel they are going to for their anniversary next month.

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

How organised am I?

Today daughter has gone on that pantomime trip with MIL, so I find myself sitting here with unfettered access to the laptop without the usual "Can I go on the NASA website now, mummy?" (she wants to be a spaceman, sorry, astronaut, when she grows up). I've caught up on all the blogs I follow, popped over to other PSFers and I've finally got the hang of the British Mummy Bloggers site. Just don't expect me to keep up with all the web stuff once I'm back at work:

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Not really looking forward to going back to school this half term because of two things:

  1. I am still having problems with my breathing, which is not good for a teacher
  2. Our department are being inspected this term and I am worried about the classroom teaching aspect (this is connected to item 1; I would be fine if I could breath properly)
Anyway, no point worrying about stuff you can't do anything about, is there? And there's always Izzy to cheer me up; here's a snippet from this week's conversations with a four year old -

During a conversation about when daughter can have a TV in her bedroom (where did that come from?) she asked what a teenager is, because teenagers have TVs in their bedrooms.

"It's between being a child and an adult. You are a child, then a teenager, then an adult" I explained

"No....." she replied (obviously, a four year old knows better) "You are a baby, a toddler, a child, a teenager, an adult and then a 'grown up'!"

"Okay, so what are mummy and daddy?" I asked

"Well, mummy, you are a 'grown up'......."

(so far so good)

"and daddy is ..........

................. a teenager"

Out of the mouths of babes!


Dusty Spider said...

Sorry to hear of your breathing problems. I do hope they can clear it up quickly for you. All the best too for your return to school and as for that little one, she's priceless! xx

mommaof4wife2r said...

love that you are sooo grown up!!! and daddy isn't it. that cracks me up.

halfmarathongirl said...

Good luck with the breathing and school.

Yes, I have had many conversations with 6 and 8 year olds about TVs, phones, and various other gadgets. My starting point is they can have them when they are 18 and I usually get beaten down to 13 or 14 - I'll bet they have them before then, no matter how strong my resolve seems now.

Negotiating with them was so much more fun when they hadn't got the hang of it.
Scenarios at dinner used to be:
Child: How many more spoonfuls do I have to eat?
Me: 5
Child: no, seven.
Me: OK - seven!!

rosiero said...

Love your four-year-old's quote. Daddy obviously leaves the room untidy, doesn't pick up his clothes, scowls a lot and doesn't help with the housework.

Maggie May said...

Yes, sorry to hear the breathing is still not right. I should think that singing would be good excercise for your lungs though.
Had to laugh at the two hourly samples. Its quite obvious that the Consultant has no idea about school situations! I have been bursting many times in the playground but could not leave the children!

Well...... being a teenager is not all that brilliant, so I think you are in a better position being an adult!

Anonymous said...

Children say the most wonderful things. And very true too!

Hope you start feeling better soon. I think lots of people have been off colour this winter with the changes in temperatures.

CJ xx

bekimarie said...

Just found you, your blog looks great. Looking forward to sitting down later and reading through it properly.
Beki xxx

gigi said...

I am amazed at all the things you have gotten done on break.

You are right, kids say the darnedest things :) And she is sooo smart.

Anonymous said...

How astute is she? Most daddies are teenagers and it took a four year old to fathom that.

Do hope you begin to feel better soon...a beam of sunlight helps doesn't it, and a feeling of warmth on your cheek.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

You poor thing - The breathing issues must also play havoc with your lovely singing - I swear by Olbas Oil - Inhaling the vapours through steam - It may be worth trying, or Tea Tree Oil, because of the antiseptic qualities - You must be exhausted, too - Take care x

scrappysue said...

out of the mouthes of babes indeed - that's priceless!

girlfriendnotpartner said...

Wanted to remove F&B's as a treat too ( see Morecambe!) but in the end the food and alchohol won...made the tantrums and squabbles seem so much less important! Plus no washing up! Good luck with the breathing! I have developed breathing problems which have left me unable to pronounce p,k,t th and so on! Makes reading the register hilarious... I just grin wider and wider the more surreal/ Laurel and Lardy it gets!

Suburbia said...

Carrying out the threats is a bit tricky at times isn't it? I have to remember not to make the threat something that I would miss doing myself!!

Sorry to hear you are still suffering.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Ha! Too funny. My four year old Monkey is also fascinated with teenagers. He wants to be a teenager when he grows up. Every time I tell him he can't do something, or he can't have something he asks, "Can I have one/do that when I'm a teenager?"

I hope your breathing improves soon!

sallymandy said...

Hilarious. Daddy's a teenager.
Was he in the room to hear that? It sounds like you were definitely the grown up the day you cleaned, made the cheesecake, and ordered wine and flowers for your parents' hotel room. Can you fly across the Atlantic to organize my life?

Thanks for the fun post!