Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Out of the frying pan!

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Back at work for three days and worn out:

Monday - One INSET day filled with too much to do (the words "quart" and "pint pot" spring to mind) - daughter at fabulous childminder's for the day.

Tuesday - full day's teaching then had to pick daughter up at 4.30pm, bring her home, make tea and two pancakes for daughter and MIL (who was babysitting for two hours before husband could get home) and return to school by 6pm for Parents Evening, return home at 9.30pm and make pancakes for husband and me. Can't miss the pancakes!

Wednesday - cover lesson on top of a normal day's teaching, dinner duty, ICT meltdown as school system starts to implode under new 'power saving' software (remember I teach using an interactive whiteboard on the school network - all my lessons were disrupted)!

And I'm supposed to do Peak Flow readings every two hours?!

When's the weekend?

And where's the chocolate?


halfmarathongirl said...

Technology is brilliant until it breaks down!

Am so missing chocolate - have given up for Lent. This is only Day!!!!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

I know its that grindstone that's scratching my nose duh!!
Why are the great moments, linked by long shitty ones!!

Anonymous said...

No wonder you are worn out. It's just as well you had all those pancakes to keep you going.

Mummy Cow said...

Poor you! Completely sympathise. We had an external review in one of my departments on Monday, and while that was happening Ofsted made 'the call' and were in today (and tomorrow). No sleep, too much work but still had to do pancakes.
Teaching - the best, most frustrating job in the world?!

Tara@Sticky fingers said...

Eeek don't say 'chocolate' to me - I've given up sugar for Lent. Tsk
What you need instead is one of those fabulous facials where you fall asleep half way through because it's SOOO relaxing!
So who has found the time to do that since becoming a parent!

Catharine Withenay said...

Just 2 pancakes? I had to stop my son at 8 (same as his age) and my daughter only halted at 5 because she was whisked out the door to Rainbows.

Reach for the chocolate without any guilt!

auntiegwen said...

I think the Queen should give all teachers a medal ! and mummy/teachers 2 !! x

Working mum said...

half marathon girl and Tara - now what did you want to go and give up chocolate for?

FFF - so that's what's in front of my face!

Hullaballoo - pancakes are sustenance for sure!

Mummy Cow - external review AND ofsted - aaaaaargh!!!!!

Catharine - funnily enough daughter can only manage one, at the moment, I'm sure it will change with time.

AG - I agree, but would you be saying that because you also are a mummy/teacher?

GoneBackSouth said...

Chocolate solves all problems, even if only for a fleeting moment. Hope you get some good sleep and some quiet time?! I'll be reading ya ... bye for now. x

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I am thinking of you, and your chest - But not in that way...

My favourite, really silly, joke is:

Q: What's the difference between a submarine and a duck?

A: The submarine doesn't come up for the bread...

(I'll get me coat!) x