Sunday, 15 February 2009

It's Half Term, but not as we know it!

It's half term, but not as we know it because ..............

................. I don't have my usual list of jobs!

Working Mum without a Half Term list of jobs? It can't be so. Why not?

Well, I'm having a rest. (Oh, and I'm back to the hospital on Wednesday about my lingering bronchitis, which has a lot to do with why I need the rest, but I won't bore you with tales of my long lasting symptoms)

Anyway we started the holiday with Valentine's Day and daughter embraced it wholeheartedly making cards, pictures, gingerbread hearts and these fairy cakes:

The bright pink buttercream was by her request

I asked her what else she would like to do this week suggesting The Science Museum, Tatton Park, Quarry Bank Mill, Eureka!, Lyme Park, Spaceport, Dunham Massey Hall, World of Glass (anywhere you can use Tesco Clubcard vouchers or belonging to the National Trust - well, there is a credit crunch on!)

Her reply?

Should I be worried?


A Woman Of No Importance said...

May I have one of those pink fairy cakes packed and shipped now, please?

Oh, and I love Frankie & Benny's!

Very best of luck with your bronchial probs - Take the opportunity of half-term to rest as best you can to build the stamina to get over it, WM! x

gigi said...

Gosh, I hate that you are still having those ligering problems. I hope that the visit to the hospital can get to the bottom of it.

I love your fairy cakes. They turned out beautiful. No worries about Frankies and Benny's :)

the mother of this lot said...

At least the music's good....

Mean Mom said...

The fairy cakes do look delicious. What is it with Frankie & Benny's? My lads love to eat there, so we go with them occasionally. It's OK, but I don't see it as anything special. I suppose I'm just old!

Hope your bronchitis clears up soon. It must really be getting you down. Rest is best, I'm sure.

Reluctant Housewife said...

You and daughter make the most beautiful cakes anywhere.

I hope you feel better soon & enjoy your rest.

Polly said...

Im so glad that you are taking the time to rest - it sounds very overdue.

can't wait to hear about Frankie and Benny's - it looks fun!

Kelly Deneen said...

The cakes are divine!! I want one! :) I hope you get well very soon.

Anonymous said...

I m glad you are seeing someone about that lingering bronchitus.

I can't make sponge cake; can cook a gourmet dinner for ten but sponges have me beaten and good grief they look good, cannot resist anything pink.

sallymandy said...

Those are beautiful "fairy cakes," AKA cupcakes where I live. My daughter at four would also have loved those...that was her pink phase too. So sweet.

Anyway, am enjoying your blog as you are about six years behind me in the momming business and I feel ever so much wiser than I did then. But really I'm not. Good luck to you and enjoy every minute.

Look forward to reading more.

Have you tried a hairdo above your nose yet? :)

the blue kimono

Suburbia said...

Worried no!! Nothing wrong with a socialble meal out!

Sorry you are still suffereing

Pam said...

Cute cupcakes! Rest up - I'd hate it if you were too sick to blog.

Jacki said...

Those little cakes are adorable! And I see she has expensive taste in restaurants, just like our daughter!

Iota said...

Heck no. She's normal.

Hope they sort out your bronchitis.

halfmarathongirl said...

I have only cooked one sponge cake (or any cake for that matter) in my entire life and that was a couple of months ago. Turned out rather thin but at least edible.
Those fairy cakes look amazing and have inspired me to have another go - not right now obviously, as am in my pyjamas with a pile of ironing to do - but perhaps at the weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your bronchitis, take it easy.

Those cakes look lush, love the roses.

Credit crunch half term? We know about that, we ended up playing with cornflour gloop yesterday and going to dig trenches on the beach.

I have never spent a whole half term in a restaurant before - should be interesting.

(Very) Lost in France said...

Yummy looking cakes. My children used to love Frankie and Benny's too when we lived in the UK. I think there's worse places they could like. Sorry your bronchitis isn't getting better. I've had a cough ever since we moved to France. I think my lungs need pollution! VLiF

Mummy Cow said...

REST!!! And don't feel guilty.

I think our daughters come from a very similar mould - mine has just asked for a F&B's party for her tenth birthday! Whatever happened to parties at home and musical statues??

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

Yummmyy...half way through the brits, l couldnt stand it any longer and started to bake...I made peanut butter cookies and a marble bundt cake with chocolate fudge american type frosting...want some??
l'm on a eat less hence the baking DUH!!