Thursday, 26 February 2009

Don't mess with the punchline, mummy

I should be sitting here at the laptop researching a topic for 'China Week' next week at school, but, as usual, I've been waylaid by the Great God Google and led astray into Blogland. So here's what happened today:

Daughter has to give a joke in at school for a joke book they are producing for Comic Relief's Red Nose Day so this morning we stood in reception, clutching the form to fill in, while she told me her joke:

"I know a joke!" she said

"Go on, then" I said, with pen poised, ready to fill it in on the form.

"What does a camel have for breakfast?"

"I don't know what does a camel have for breakfast?"


She fell about laughing

"I think it's 'sandwiches' " I said, " 'Sandwiches ' is funny"

"No, mummy, it's 'sand' " she insisted, " 'Sand' is the funniest thing I've ever heard!"


I wrote down 'sand'

I hope other people get the joke.


bekimarie said...

I found it funny lol!
Don't you just love them?
Beki xxx

girlfriendnotpartner said...

ha ha bonk! that was me laughing my head off! She has the same joke book as my daughter!

The Dotterel said...

Sally has suddenly found the word 'cheese' the funniest thing in the universe. She can say it to herself and collapse into hysterics. At least you got a joke!

Mean Mom said...

If I told the joke, it wouldn't be funny, but coming from your daughter, it's funny! Most of the jokes from the youngest children will probably be like that one, I should think!

rosiero said...

I bet the camel got the hump having to eat sand!

Maggie May said...

Well lets hope all her contemporaries will be like minded.
Laughter is very catching!
Bless her!

Reluctant Housewife said...

I love little kids' sense of humour. My kids are always telling the oddest nonsensical jokes. Usually the only funny thing is how how hard they laugh at them.

Stacie said...


skywind said...

Sand, Hehe .... Is when storms are eating breakfast. (Smile)

Iota said...

What do they have for desert?

Anonymous said...

When second daughter was five she heard a joke about a Zebra...and the punchline was: Take off ze bra, baby.She killed us with this line for months, using it as the answer to everything and each time falling about laughing.

SMS said...

Too funny!

Working mum said...

I love these things children laugh at - cheese! ha ha ha!

Polly said...

Daughter knows best!!