Monday, 1 December 2008

Credit Crunch bypasses Tesco

Yesterday I braved Tesco. I know, a foolish thing to attempt at this time of year. The shop was packed with people stocking up for Christmas. Tesco helpfully make life more difficult at Christmas by filling the aisles with towers of tins of chocolate to hamper your movement and to tempt you.

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Mmmmm, perhaps I do need another tin of Quality Street......

Anyway, I wanted a cake board for my Christmas cake.

Yes, in the middle of the November mayhem I decided to bake a Christmas cake. I don't know what came over me. It's this foolish 'have it all' notion: must be perfect wife and mother and produce fantastic homemade Christmas cake, decorated a la Jane Asher.

Well, I got to the checkout and surprise, surprise, the cake board wouldn't scan. Checkout girl flashes her red light and gets someone to fetch another cake board.

He comes back with two cake boards saying "There's no code"

Okaaay, what does that mean?

"I can't sell it to you"

I look at him, incredulously, "What do you mean, you can't sell it to me?"

"There's no code, we can't scan it, can't sell it"

"So you can't sell me something for sale in this shop because of technology"


Tesco obviously don't need to sell all their products.

Buy Tesco shares now, buy, buy!!


Maggie May said...

What a ridiculous thing. Couldn't they have sent someone to get another one?
I always seem to get behind someone in the queue with a problem!
There must be dozens of similar things happening like that. Modern technology....... eh!

Suburbia said...

How annoying! Did you just grab it from her and leg it?!!

Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

They're obviously more conscientious over your neck of the woods.
I once bought a picture frame from Tesco that didn't have the infamous bar code on and the check out woman said 'It was about a pound wasn't it? I'll charge you a pound' wink wink.
It was about £12, but I wasn't going to argue with her!

Suzysoo said...

How ridiculous of them! Hope you managed to get one in the end.

Expat mum said...

OOh that really annoys me. If they would just put the bloody price on the bar code as well as the straight lines, life would be a lot less painful. Don't get me started.

The Dotterel said...

That'll be why, this morning, they're reporting a slow-down in their growth-rate for the last twelve months. It's all your fault!

Jacki said...

I really hate when I get up to the checkout counter and find out that I picked up something that doesn't have the barcode. Once in a while I'll get lucky, and the cashier will just sell it to me for a dollar or two.

And you just had to mention Quality Street chocolates....yummm...I haven't had those since we lived in Scotland.

cheshire wife said...

Every little helps Tesco too! They are not going to give anything away.

Mae said...

How ridiculous! Sounds they obviously rather to let it sit on shelf than to have sold it. Is this modern technology or what?

Working mum said...

Maggie - none of the cake boards had bar codes so they couldn't sell any of them! Mad!

Tara - I think I was dealing with a couple of youths who didn't have the nouse to think of selling it to me anyway. Maybe the computer would still say 'no'!

Suburbia & Suzysoo - No, I didn't get one from Tesco. I told this story to one of my elderly neighbours who promptly popped inside and found me one of her many spare cake boards and gave it to me. Don't you just love neighbours?

Jacki - perhaps you could get some Quality Street online? Christmas isn't Christmas without a big tin of Quality Street. (We've eaten ours already, so I do have to buy another)

Working mum said...

The Dotterel - I heard that on the news this morning, too and thought, well, you need to get your barcodes sorted!

Potty Mummy said...

Tinfoil and cardboard. it's the only way... and so sorry, but I've tagged you - twice. I'm nothing if not efficient...

blogthatmama said...

How frustrating, you'll have to buy a cake now! Maybe from Tesco?