Saturday, 22 November 2008


Doctor has diagnosed 'nasty thing going round' with 'throat infection' and has given me antibiotics. I must be ill because husband has volunteered to miss the beginning of City's match today to take daughter to pony riding party!

I thought I would try and sort out a few things in the in-tray today as it has been building up. Usual stuff: bills, bank statements, stuff about Manchester Congestion charge (that requires a whole other post!). Actually what I discovered was that I'm being hounded by the PTA (Parent Teacher Association).

Next week is the Autumn Fair and I expected to be asked to contribute something. It started fairly innocuously with a letter saying that daughter's class were doing the 'Hoop a Jar' stall so have to send in two or three jars, decorated for Christmas and filled with kiddy things. So far so good. Found two jars in garage, daughter decorated them with christmas stickers and we filled with hair bobbles and slides. Lovely. Job done.

Then I got a letter with raffle tickets to sell and send money and stubs back.

OK, I can sell them to friends and family.

Then a letter asking for second hand toys and books.

Possibly manage that.

Two days later - every child must send in a bottle and something chocolate for the tombola.

Hang on a minute........

Finally - something for the cake stall, to be brought in the day before the fair.

Well, I can bake some cupcakes, but isn't that now asking for a lot?

I have now been asked for six things for the fair! Each thing has to be taken to a different place on a different day. I am so confused I just want to pick up all the letters and put them in the bin (recycling, of course). Why don't they just send one letter and collect it all in one place? Do they think that by asking on six separate occasions we won't notice and just keep sending stuff in?

And I only have one child. What if I had two or three or more?!

And then they expect me to attend said fair with daughter and spend lots of money trying to get back my contributions!

Ah, the joys!


The Dotterel said...

What? You've got to attend as well?

Suburbia said...

Oh sounds so familiar!! TG's school fair today and I'm dizzy with cake making, raffle tickets and buying gifts for class hampers and something for the tombola.It's such a busy time of the year and , like you, it all seems a bit too complicated. Still it's SS's school fair in 3 weeks time so off we go again.......

Hope the anitbiotics are beinging to work :)

Ladybird World Mother said...

That sounds like my idea of hell... well done, thats all I can say! Have just done our Christmas Fair and did toy stall. Oh, and a cake for cake stall, oh, and bottle for bottle stall. Oh, and... it goes on. Now home for Strictly Come Dancing and warm fire.
Hope you feel better soon.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

I found that infant/junior school the please can you letters were a culture shock when they go to senior/high school and all you get in a newsletter once a term...and its palpable the way one feels less included..but no better off financially it costs more on so many levels...geee

hope you feel better soon.

auntiegwen said...

It stops when they get to high school, I am just about recovering having had 3 of them go through the same kinda stuff

Claire Sutton said...

I'm afraid that this like this at every school fair so expect Easter to be much the same, and the Summer fair too!

cheshire wife said...

Sounds as if the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

the mother of this lot said...

By the way, it doesn't stop when they get to high school.

Polly said...

They are never satisfied are they? Good on you for getting it all done, thats a to do list that would send me round the twist!

Nunhead Mum of One said...

Mac is having a Party Day that consists of them wearing their own clothes, bringing in one food item and one drink item and a Secret Santa present "suitable for their peers". This is quite without the present that he wants to buy Mr S and just the fifteen of his close classmates AND Queen Bee Mummy who has invited him to see All Manner of Foam and Glitter On Ice provided we actually get him there, pick him up, pay for the ticket and give him 20 quid spending money!!!!

I'm sorry, I've just got to say this once.....bah humbug!

Ms Wiz said...

I feel your pain - A couple of years agoI had 3 in primary school - you would think that two in one class would have made it easier - not!
Now I only have the teo in primary and both in year 6 it has finally got easier - they do all their own Stalls at the fairs - only the summer fair to go & no more PTA demands!!! oops forgot, craft fairs x 2, easter, yr 6 leaving party.....!