Sunday, 2 November 2008

Job done!

Half term is now officially over and I'm looking back at the list of things I needed to do this week (plus a few others I added along the way):
  • Car passed its MOT; the noise was apparently wheel bearings and was sorted out as part of the service - yay!
  • Found the Farm Party and the Bowling Party, another party was cancelled and daughter spent a morning at a school friend's while I browsed around nearby John Lewis - again, yay!
  • Altered the lounge curtains, gathered and ironed them and put them up.
  • Lounge has new lights thanks to electricians; after two years with wires sticking out of the walls, I now have lights! Double yay!
  • Daughter spent two nights at my parents' giving me time to do a clear out and a few visits to the tip and the charity shop - another yay! Even managed to get rid of our old telly on 'Loot' so I can get my car in the garage now.
  • Entrance Exam - first draft completed - half a yay!
  • Managed to get my mouth around the Italian (language, not person) at the Opera Gala at Bridgewater Hall - never want to sing the Grand March from Aida again! How many vowel sounds can you fit on one note?
  • Did a bonus job of getting new flooring put in downstairs toilet. Daughter had had a few 'accidents' there when potty training and she runs in and out in her wellies when she's playing in the garden, so cushion floor ('lino' to you and me) was a much more sensible option.
  • Bought new plates and bowls from Debenhams in the '20% off' sale (Denby 'Mist' - lovely). We had had our others for 20 years and we were down to five plates, four bowls and three sideplates. If anyone came for tea we used Thomas the Tank Engine and Peter Rabbit plates and bowls! It had ceased to be querky.
  • Also found time to go for a meal with husband to a lovely local Italian restaurant where he asked me if I was overwhelmed by the menu. (He's still going on about the yoghurt)

So altogether a successful half term.

Going to have a rest this evening while I watch "Strictly"

and maybe one of these.......

Meez 3D avatar avatars games
.......... Cheers!


Maggie May said...

Good for you!
Achieved so much in such a short while.
You are not put off by Italian that much then as you chose an Italian Restaurant!
Must get a meal before Strictly Come Dancing Results!

SMS said...

It's good to see someone else who convinces herself that she is making progress by analysing which jobs have been done from lists which constantly evolve. In stressful moments I have been known to leave a few ‘crossed out’ items just to remind myself that I have achieved something!

auntiegwen said...

Oh I love a good list myself ! Jeez, your half term went quickly and MOT for my car this week, keep your fingers crossed

The Dotterel said...

Always goes too quickly, though, doesn't it?

Suburbia said...

Gosh, makes me realise I've not achieved very much at all!! Well done!

Should I rush around for the next 2 days and do some stuff? (We don't go back until Wednesday)Perhaps not ;)

Ernest de Cugnac said...

I take it you have a "to do" list then wm??

scrappysue said...

i thought i was the list queen, but you, you are the SHIZ!!! (that's a good thing)

the word vertification says 'turits' hehe

Mean Mom said...

You certainly have had a successful week! I feel quite pale! I'm sure I must have done something last week....

gigi said...

I'm proud of you for all that! Way to go! I need your help round this house. I just can't get it together these days.

Stop by my blog today and join in my 300th post giveaway!

My V-word is: peepr

notSupermum said...

Wow, you did a lot better than me. I had a list with several jobs to do on it, and only managed one of them.

cheshire wife said...

Looks like you had a busy week. You will be going back to school for a rest.

Claire Sutton said...

The Denby sounds lovely, what colour is it? We've still got our Denby Blue but it's slowly deteriorating!

Well done on all you got finished, now we just need to see the new pics of the lounge with the lights!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

What a successful Half Term - great stuff.M x
PS. Caught up at last - phew!
PPS. My last WV word was gonce - which should be a word even if it isn't!

The Mom Bomb, a/k/a Folksy Mama said...

I'm exhausted after reading that post. I'm fixing myself a margarita.

"Mouth around the Italian". Naughty, naughty.

Reluctant Housewife said...

You always sound so busy! I'm glad you took time with a drink and strictly to relax.