Wednesday, 19 November 2008

At home with WMS

Guess what? I'm ill again. Cold started on Sunday, but I did my usual and ignored it until I was unable to teach yesterday due to streaming nose, sneezing and raw throat. Thought I'd better take a day to recover as I don't want to end up like last year when I bravely battled on only to collapse at Christmas (I was so ill, I couldn't eat my Christmas dinner) and suffer one thing after another until April.

Found disadvantage of daughter attending my school this morning when it took me an hour and a half to take her to school and come home again, but it's now 9.00am and I can take it easy:

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Thought I could manage to sit at the kitchen table with the laptop and start writing my reports. (No matter that they haven't done their exams yet - deadlines are such that I need to write their reports before I mark their exams, otherwise I can't get it all done in time!) However, have got waylaid by Google shouting "Blogger!" and "Reader!" at me.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I have decided to adopt Sass e-mum's steely reserve and not give in to Scary Mum, I will use MOTL's and Fat, Frumpy and Fifty's excellent advice and say that daughter wanted to choose something herself and that we've already got it. Then Claire, Gigi and Scrappy Sue made me realise that the presents I've appreciated most from pupils are the things they make themselves, so I am going to go ahead with my original plan: gingerbread biscuits. (In case you missed it click here for my gingerbread recipe.)

Daughter wanted to make Christmas gingerbread biscuits for her teachers and I have already bought adornments such as mulitcoloured silver balls and pretty cellophane bags with gold stars on to wrap them in. Add homemade gift tags and voila!
* * * * * * * * *

Talking of Christmas, the nativity play is upon us. Daughter came home a couple of weeks ago saying that they were practising for the nativity play and............

"It's another Baby Jesus story!"

(Think I need to find her book on the story of the nativity and explain again what Christmas is about)

She really wanted to be an angel like last year. She's spent ages telling me she needs to be an angel, she's dug out her angel costume, she's begged and pleaded to be an angel and it all culminating in her wailing:

"If you don't let me be an angel, I'll have to be a snowflake"

("Snowflake" was spat out with much venom)

I tried to explain that it wasn't up to me, but she wouldn't have it!

Yesterday she came home with the letter saying that she was 'Angel 8'

Great!" I said, "You're an angel. Just what you wanted to be"

"Yes" she said, glumly, "but I'm not the lead angel"

You just can't please some people, can you?


Claire Sutton said...

Good on Izzy, at least she knows what she wants! And good on your school for actually having a nativity play, I seem to be reading every day about schools not putting on such things any more and councils having to call Christmas lights "holiday" lights so as not to offend anyone.

What tosh!

We have a nativity play here in the centre of Perth City with live animals just before Christmas which I'm quite looking forward to. Wonder if the donkey will do a "Blue Peter Elephant"???!!!

PS Get better soon won't you? And I promise to respond to your email of a few weeks ago! Very lax of me, where does the time go?

Tara said...

Am waiting with baited breath to see what part my son is given in the school play.
Last year he was a fox and all was required was an orange top and orange trousers - but who has so much orange in their wardrobe!

By the way, have just read your other piece about demands of £10 for teacher present.
No no no no no. That is wrong wrong wrong, especially in these hard times and especially when there is a danger you could embarass someone who really can't afford it.

I mean some parents have two or three children in school - that's £30 for them.

Oh and thanks for visiting my new pad. Great to have you there!

Amanda said...

Hope you feel better!! I always do the homemade goodies as well. I buy tins the year before, after Christmas, and use them the next year. Talk about frugal.

Working mum said...

Claire - Wonder where Izzy gets it from? Live animals sounds recipe for disaster for organisers, but great fun for audience. (Don't worry about the e-mail, takes me months, too. May actually send your Christmas card on time this year for a change!)

Tara - advantage of private education - don't need to provide costume, yay! Love your new blog, will be back.

Amanda - you are a role model!

The Dotterel said...

Take it easy, WM. When I started teaching my induction tutor (although they didn't call it that then) was a old matriarch of the school who gave slackers a really hard time, but once told me: 'if things get too much, take a Friday or a Monday off. Have a long weekend and come back fully fit. It'll be worth it in the end.' I'm sure she was right (although I never did take her advice).

Melipop said...

I love the idea of gingerbread for presents (mainly cos I do it myself too). So much nicer than vouchers in my opinion. I'm going to try your recipe....

Maggie May said...

Well she could make angel eight into something a little different. Some thing that would be noticed.
Get you thinking caps on!

Maggie May said...

PS..... Hope you feel better soon!

Suburbia said...

Sorry you're feeling pooly, and I'm sure you're doing the right thing by resting now rather than collapsing later.

Get well soon :)

Mean Mom said...

Sorry you're ill again. There always seems to be something going around at school. It's either a cold, or tummy bug, or nits.

One of my favourite occupations, with my family, used to be making gingerbread men. I'm sure that the teacher will love them.

I wasn't at all sorry, when I no longer needed to go backwards and forwards to school with my children. I do miss going to the school plays/nativities at this time of year, however.

cheshire wife said...

Hope you will soon be feeling better.

The Mom Bomb, a/k/a Folksy Mama said...

I'm with your daughter, angels are MUCH better than snowflakes. And tell her just because she's not the lead doesn't mean she can't steal the show.

Sorry you're ill . . . and so glad to hear you're creating your own gift. Where I live, teacher gifts have gotten out of control. This year the class parents are suggesting a contribution of 25 dollars per student -- and at 17 students, the teacher walks away with a very nice spa day. It seems sort of crass and impersonal, not to mention expensive.