Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Organisation, Working Mum Style!

This week just gets busier and busier. I rushed in from physio last night, ate my tea, got daughter ready for bed and left MIL babysitting until husband came home while I went to choir. Came home at 10pm to find that none of the dishes had been washed (homecooked meal and no dishes to do - I aspire to being a MIL)! I washed the dishes at 7.15am today, did a day's work, came home, made tea (butternut squash and chorizo stew), did three loads of washing, put daughter to bed, did on-line banking and stuff and now have to mark two tests.

Now the rest of the week poses another difficulty for a Working Mum - the car's MOT.

(For those not in the know, this is a compulsory test that cars over 3 years old have to have every year in the UK to prove that they are roadworthy. Failure to have valid MOT certificate means you are breaking the law!)

Husband's car is due its MOT on Saturday, but he works on a Saturday so he'll take my car while I take his to the garage and daughter and I get the tram home.

Daughter's library books are due back on Saturday, but we can't get to the library without a car; no buses and too far for four year old to walk.

Library is only open late during the week on a Thursday, so we would have to go to the library after school tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my school's Open Evening and I have to stay behind after school, set up the room and get displays and equipment sorted before spending the evening talking to prospective parents so can't take daughter to library.

Upshot is, if husband wants his car MOTed he'll have to pick daughter up from school tomorrow and take her to the library!

Makes sense to me!


Suburbia said...

AHgh! But it's nearly the end of term isn't it? That recipe sounds delicious by the way:)Can't believe MIL didn't clear up.

Regarding the out of date books on my shelf(!) I have no idea why I have kept them! I never get rid of books but these are truly useless! I have to say I didn't realise they were there at all ;)

womaninawindow said...

I bet you're on the verge. This is all too much for my head. When is there just tv and bad game shows and beer? When?

Casdok said...

Im worn out just reading this!!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

such is the life of a circus pwrformer..
thanks for leaving funny comment..

fellow juggler

Can Bass 1 said...

So am I, dear lady, so am I? May I make a suggestion? Take the day off! Pretend you're ill (or at this rate you may well be!). It's called 'pulling a sickie' so I'm told. We do it all the time here. (Mind you, we are obliged to provide stand-ins in the form of deps.)

Working mum said...

Can Bass - pulling a sickie would be even more work as I would have to leave work for all my classes while I'm off and then mark it all when I get back. Not worth it!


Oh Stars! You have me tired out just trying to keep up with reading your schedule. Yep, hubby will have to pick her up from school. How about a spot of wine???