Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Juat call me Muggins

Tell me, how did this happen?

Daughter seems to have outstayed her welcome at the physiotherapists and after some veiled comments I decided the time had come to go to appointments without her.

The physio's offices close before husband gets home from work so babysitter needed - had to ask MIL.

"Could you possibly babysit your gorgeous granddaughter while I go to Physio on a Tuesday?"

"What time?"

"From 5.15pm to 6.15pm"

"Yes, I think so"

I waited for it to sink in that 5.15pm was daughter's tea time and for MIL to offer to give her her tea.

I prompted a little: "It's her tea time, is that OK?"

"Yes, I can sit with her while she eats"

Is it me or does that just seem weird? My mum would have offered to cook for all of us. At this point my manners kick in and I can't let MIL sit and watch daughter eat her tea on her own so this escapes from my mouth:

"I'll make enough for all of us, so you can eat with her"

Now I have to make Tuesday's tea in advance and put it in the oven on the timer on Tuesday morning so MIL and daughter can eat while I'm at the physio!!


Sass E-mum said...

Yes I think that's odd.

My mum loves it when I give her the chance to look after Peaches. Maybe it helps that she doesn't get the chance very often, but even my 88 year old MIL cooks for us all whenever we give her the chance.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Good luck at the physio Muggins. And send me a cup of tea too please. : )

Suburbia said...

I would have said just the same!! Still, you have the satisfaction of having made your point though. What is it with MIL's?

Maggie May said...

That was indeed strange!

auntiegwen said...

yep, recognised what was about to come out of your mouth in a deja vue kind of echo !

The Dotterel said...

Can you make some extra for me, too? Where is it that you live?

Working mum said...

So I am right in thinking it's weird not to offer to cook for us.

And guess what, when I got home she was sitting drinking a coffee and hadn't even washed the dishes!

gigi said...

Is ~tea time~ her dinner or supper? The last meal of the day? Or is it a late snack? Yes that is odd and I think a grown woman could do a little more to help with her own grandchild.

echoeve said...

do you think she might be upset about something?

I would like some hot coco instead of tea please. LOL

Working mum said...

Ah yes, a little explanation for my American friends:

The pecularities of English meals - if your main meal is at 7pm you have 'lunch' at 12 noon and 'dinner' at 7pm. If your main meal is at 12 noon, that's 'dinner' and you have 'tea' at 5 pm. That's 'tea' as in 'food and a drink', possibly a cup of tea.

If you're really posh you have 'lunch' at 12 noon, 'high tea' at 4.30pm and 'dinner' at 7pm. 'High tea' being a cup of tea and a small amount of food such as sandwiches and cake.

Any the wiser? I thought not!

gigi said...

Hey thanks fr the explanation. When you say 'tea' here, it just means beverage. So, getting daughters tea for her would involve cooking her supper/dinner. We call the evening meal, supper. To me, dinner is more fancy than just supper. And I always wanted to know what 'high tea' was and now I do! Thanks! Still think that the MIL could do much better!

womaninawindow said...

I find my own mother a little odd in this recard. Getting a little greedy with her personal schedules that mean so much to her. (Not greedy bad, just greedy weird.)

Anonymous said...

Now I know why you recognise my MIL! How do they manage to keep a straight face and never forget how big a favour they are doing for you.

Suzysoo said...

I'm sorry WM, but she is taking the pi**! I wouldn't bloody ask her again!!