Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The Countess of Cardigan

I had no idea how much trouble school uniform would be. First of all there is the huge amount of it you have to purchase (and daughter's can only be bought from the official school outfitters at vastly increased prices). Then there is the sewing of millions of name tapes into each item (including underwear and socks since she has swimming lessons at school. Oh, and the school swimming costume, hat and towel). Finally, you put 300 children in the same building in the same uniform and what happens?

They lose it!

After only six weeks daughter has lost one school coat (cost £16.50) and two cardigans (each £15.00) despite them being clearly named.

On Friday she came home in someone else's cardigan. I was sorely tempted to unpick "Cook's" nametape and sew one of daughter's in it. Perhaps that's what's happened to hers?

Of course I'm too law abiding to do so.

I've got a theory that the school outfitters send a spy to school to steal items which they then sell back to us at original prices. But I digress ..........

Today, daughter surpassed herself. She came out of school in her school coat (hurrah!), but no cardigan, again (boo!).

"Where's your cardiagan?" I barked, getting fed up of this.

"Ooops! Left it in class"

I marched her back to the classroom and searched for cardigan. No sign.

I marched her to the cloakroom and we searched everywhere. No cardigan.

I bumped into her Nursery Nurse who said, "They've had music today, it might be there"

I marched her to the music room. No cardigan.

Lost Property Box. No.

The Nursery Nurse, seeing my exasperated look, very kindly said that she would look for it so we gave up and came home.

I muttered all the way home about looking after her uniform and the cost of it, blah, blah, blah.

We arrived home and daughter ran upstairs; no doubt to escape her mental mother.

"Oh Muuuuummmeeeeeee!" came the cry from the top of the stairs.

I went to see what she wanted.

There she stood ............................................... holding her cardigan.

She hadn't actually taken it to school today.

I picked up a pen and started writing a letter of apology to the Nursery Nurse .................


Maggie May said...

If you could see the mound of clothes at the school where I work that kids lose each week, you'd never believe it.

The Dotterel said...

We used to donate quite a sizable pile of unclaimed clothing to a local charity shop each year - almost all in amazingly good condition!

Claire Sutton said...

Hmmm, we've done this twice this year so far. Eldest son has supposedly "lost" his zip jacket for school and therefore we go on a massvie hunt round every classroom that he's been to that day including all the sports fields and the lost property bin, only to find once we got home, that it's either never been taken out of the car that morning or it's never made it out of the house. Grrrrrr

echoeve said...

I wish that kids would never loose anything, but that is just not life.
glad you found it. I am sure you are not the first parent to look upset at the school about the uniforms.

Stacie said...

ha. that is funny, but I am laughing WITH you, not AT you. :)

That would be really frustrating to lose so many articles of clothing...

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh go configure! May I say that I ADORED your post title for this?

Suburbia said...

I've done this exact same thing. You feel like a murderer for going on at them for nothing don't you?!

Adventure Mother said...

Oh dear, a little embarrassing! We've just decided to do a second hand uniform stall for our PTA Christmas Fete.

Mean Mom said...

Oh no! I remember those feelings so well! My lads lost several things, but the youngest once lost his rugby top. They cost £25.00 each and bear in mind that he is now 19. Someone had obviously taken it home by mistake, but there was a name tag in it. The teacher sent home another one that he had found in the changing room, but nobody owned up to having my son's. I'm glad that you found your daughter's cardigan, anyway!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

is this the difference between being a teacher and now being a mum, you see things form both angles??? interesting huh!!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Oh my, this brought back some memories. It's so easy to get a Mum going when all those clothes are so expensive! M :-(