Saturday, 11 October 2008

Conversations with a four year old - the one about the goats

Where does the time go? I've missed Photostory Friday and the weekend's nearly over already! I'm trying to catch up with my blog reading and then I'm going to do the ironing while watching Strictly. I've no time to blog about how busy the past week has been so here's one I prepared earlier:

Living in Manchester we are very lucky to be near many parks, gardens, historic houses and beautiful parts of the English (and Welsh) countryside. We have lots of 'family fun days' around the North West. Daughter has been lucky enough to visit so many places she can't always remember the names. She makes her own up such as 'The Crazy Golf Park' (Walton Park), 'The Pirate Maze' (Red House Farm) or 'The Steam Engines that don't move' (Quarry Bank Mill - the engines are ones that power the looms). Last weekend she wanted to go to somewhere that she couldn't remember the name of so the following conversation ensued:

Daughter: Can we go that park we've not been to for ages?

Me: Which park?

Daughter: The one with the goats.

Me: Do you mean Wythenshawe; the one with the farm with pigs and cows?

Daughter: No! Just goats! It just has goats!

Me: Who did we go with?

Daughter: With Sarah, but a very long time ago.

(That narrows it down then!)

Me: What else is at the park?

Daughter: Ice cream!

(Again, not helpful)

Me: What else did you do there?

Daughter (getting more frustrated by the minute): I PLAY ON THE LOGS!

(Light dawns)

Me: Oh, you mean Dunham?

Daughter: Yes!

Me: Yes, we can go there, but just one thing sweetie; they're not goats, they're DEER!

Playing on the logs at Dunham Massey, Altrincham


Adventure Mother said...

What funny little things they are! In addition to all the parks, gardens, etc. around Manchester, you are lucky to have museums, galleries, etc all for free! We had a wonderful city break there this summer and our 2 boys really enjoyed.

Maggie May said...

Well the both have horns, don't they? LOL
She is a lovely little girl and isn't her hair stunning!
Enjoyed the dancing tonight!

Suburbia said...

Oh bless! What a stunning photo.

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

That's so funny. It's amazing the things children pick up on as important. My son kept asking to go back 'to that place with the chocolate ice cream' and let's face it that could be ANYWHERE.
It turns out he meant Disneyland Paris! Clearly the parades and fireworks and thrill rides were all a side order to the main dish of chocolate ice cream!

rosiero said...

They've both got legs at each corner, so it's easy to mix them up!!

gigi said...

Oh MY! Our deer are so much smaller than the western deer that my SIL calls them large dogs! Oh well, your precious little one is growing so fast and what a beautiful child. I love her golden hair. Does she get it from her dad or from you?

Amanda said...

What a beautiful pic. Isn't it so funny how they know exactly what they are talking about and it is our job to figure it out. They must think we are so dumb.

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Children have such astonishingly good memories, don't they.

btw, could deer and goats be related? They 'feel' quite similar.

Gary said...

Yet another reason to be totally enamored with children - their little frustrations, communication, memory, description, egocentric leanings, language. A blessing. Thanks for sharing this short bit of conversation. Keep 'em coming.

Oh, and I understand about life taking you away from blogging. I am making some time this morning to catch up. Sorry to have been away from your fantastic blog for too long.

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Well guessed mummy! Deer, goats, they are almost the same aren't they? Well, they have four legs anyway.
Great hair. Love it!

Working mum said...

Adventure Mother - yes, we are lucky, I haven't even started on the museums, theatres, concert venues, etc.

Tara - see, it was the ice-cream that was important, why bother going to Disney at all?

Gigi - I can't really imagine smaller deer, do they still have enough meat on them? The strawberry blonde is in both our families, it has to be as it's a recessive gene so we both have to carry it, but I didn't expect it!

Ernest - I think you may be right, children can see through the labels we give animals and pick out their characteristics so goats and deer, not so similar!

Gary - good to have you back, I have been reading your blog even if I haven't commented. Yes, the new term is well and truly upon us and every minute of every day seems to be filled with 'stuff' to do, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Out of the mouths of babes!!!

Jacki said...

Is that your daughter? Oh, she is gorgeous!!

Polly said...

The little frustrations are lovely and well...frustrating at the same time. Its a lovely picture of your little girl.

the mother of this lot said...

That takes me back! I used to play on the logs there as well!