Monday, 20 October 2008

2007 Update

I had to laugh.

It's not just me, the whole body of staff are struggling to use Office 2007 in lessons, having had no time or training to get to grips with it before it was put on the school network.

Now, I'm not averse to change. I know we have to update, and I'm very willing to learn, but not two minutes before I have to use it in the classroom in front of an unforgiving audience (teenagers).

However, in amongst all the stress and frustration, I found this little nugget:

The ICT department are more frustrated than most because none of their teaching resources have been updated for Office 2007.

Who insisted on our updating to Office 2007 without any warning?

The Head of ICT!!!


The Dotterel said...


Mom/Mum said...

too funny!

gigi said...

Oh, I'm sorry. Good Luck with that.

Lehners in France said...

IT, that says it all! Debs x
Bon Courage!

CrackerJacks said...

I hope you get to the cookies this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

oh gosh yes...and remember F you save a word 2007 format its NOT compatible with the older versions, so if you send an attachment no one with pre 2007 can open in..i now save the doc as a 2003+ version the option is there on the save window..sorry if you've figured this out already!!

Suburbia said...

How annoying!

Bring on half term (quickly!!)

Expat mum said...

I see F,F& Fifty got there before me. We have 2007 at home and I love it now that I sort of know what I'm doing, but be careful when you send things.


Hey that's like the State of Pennsylvania Dep. of Ed.! We have state reports due, and to complete them we must go to site which provide necessary info. BUT, the State Dep. of Ed, fails to put our info. on the site.

I tagged ya, by the way.