Friday, 12 September 2008

I didn't want the parcel anyway!

Yesterday a delivery company tried to deliver a parcel to me at home, but I was at work. The usual card was pushed through asking me to ring, which I did. Here's what happened:

"Could you please redirect it to my place of work?"

The usual option, works well

"No, we don't redirect"

"Could you deliver it on Saturday?"

"No, we don't deliver Saturdays"

"Could you leave it with a neighbour?"

"You have to nominate a neighbour and they have to wait in from 8am to 4pm"

"Unreasonable. Could you hold on to it until I have a day off work?" (October half term)

"No, we only keep them a week. You can come and collect it, we are in Trafford Park and open until 6pm"

"Well, I have a young daughter to collect after work and get to bed. Could someone else collect it for me?"

"Only if they bring a recent utility bill with their name and your address on it, showing that they live with you"

This was getting ridiculous

"What do people who work full time normally do to get their parcels?"

"They normally take a day off work and come and collect it"

Well, even if I could take a day off, which I can't, who wants to waste a day's holiday to collect a parcel?

"What happens if I don't collect it?"

"It's sent back and you have to contact the company who sent it"

I don't even know what it is!!

So I decided to brave deepest darkest Trafford Park (huge industrial estate) with four year old in tow after work. After locating the company and eventually finding the office I presented my card.

"ID please"

I presented a credit card.

"Has to be driving licence or passport"

I had neither. I decided to play the sympathy card, stroked my daughter's head and pleaded,"I wasn't told that when I phoned. Don't make me come back here please"

"Thank you for showing me your driving licence, madam, sign here please" he said in a loud voice for his boss to hear.

Thank the Lord!

I took the parcel home and opened it. It was the armcaps for my new sofas.

Why can't they be delivered with the sofas?

Is it me?


Mom/Mum said...

This made me laugh and go, "Arggghhhh!" for you at the same time.
I had a similar ridiculous conversation with M&S delivery services last Christmas. I won't go into the long and frustrating details, suffice to say my in-laws would have had to spend more on petrol and stress to collect their pressies than we had paid for them! Not exactly the spirit of giving in the Season of Goodwill I was intending...

gigi said...

NO, IT IS NOT YOU! That was ridiculous! So glad that it did turn out for you. Have a great weekend. Sounds like you could use one.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

JEEZ..isnt you..its the arse hole who invent this strict fundamentalist mentality of a system called red tape?

IT is so far up it own bum...its the biggest pain in its own arse...l could write abook myself, about dealing with service depts, SKY, BT, and insurance companies and those whose offices are in Delhi or bangkok....

and these are communication companies...


Stacie said...

omygoodness, what a mess!

Amanda said...

Because that would be too easy and the world just doesn't work that way. At least the guy at the entrance seemed to be a human being and not a robot.

scrappysue said...

sheesh. WHY do people have to make things SO HARD?!?!!?! you must have been talking through clenches teeth on the phone!

hope the shoulder is feeling better.

The Dotterel said...

At least you *did* want it, when you found out what it was (I presume). Imagine the horror of finding out it was just some unsolicited junk, or - worse - there was excess postage to pay!

Suburbia said...

I hate it when this happens!! You were very brave ;)

Kevin Musgrove said...

You did well finding them open even during the alleged opening hours!

My mother's spare commode is in that depot somewhere.

Jacki said...

All of that for just some covers for your sofa arms??

I think some companies make ridiculous rules just to make themselves feel better.

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

No it is not you. I hate this so much. Take a day off to pick up a parcel? Purrlease. I waited in all day recently for some furniture to be delivered and when it came it was damaged! Grrr. THEN they wanted me to take another day off for them to pick it up. It just was not going to happen!

SaraLynn said...

Oh my.......well it sounds like you handled it with more grace than I would have.....

what a mess!!!!!

Reluctant Housewife said...

It is NOT you. Lol... That is insane. I think they must be deliberately trying to make things difficult for people... How would they feel if their employees starting taking time off for such asinine reasons as "I need to collect a parcel" or similar? That's nuts. I'm glad the employee at the place was reasonable, at least, and that you didn't have to go back.