Thursday, 14 August 2008

Where did my daughter go?

Yesterday we invited daughter's 'best' friend (let's call her Emily) from nursery round to play. During the playdate something strange happened. I think that someone kidnapped my daughter and replaced her with a lookalike for the day. Usually Izzy loves the company of other children. She is friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming. She makes friends easily and encourages others to play. Not yesterday.

This is what we did:

  • husband constructed an obstacle race in the garden for them. Emily ran round while Izzy sat on patio and sulked
  • I constructed the farm set for them to play with farm animals. Emily played while Izzy sat on her bed and sulked
  • husband played swingball with Emily while Izzy sat on trampoline and sulked
  • we all played hide and seek; Izzy hid ........................ and sulked
  • husband and I turned the skipping rope for them both, but Izzy sat in football net............... and sulked
  • we all played 'Star Wars' with cardboard light sabers until Izzy's broke and then she sulked
Later in the afternoon Emily's mum came to collect her and brought me a bunch of flowers to say 'thank you'.

I said, "You are welcome. Emily was as good as gold. Would you like to swap daughters?"


Amanda said...

Wonder what she was upset about? Oh well, sounds like you and hubby had fun playing with Emily.

gigi said...

I guess we all have those kind of days!

Working mum said...

Gigi - I guess we do.

Amanda - I think she may have been a bit miffed at sharing mummy and daddy with someone.

PS Later that evening I asked her about it and she said she had enjoyed Emily coming to play, but she didn't know why she had sulked. Guess I'll never know. Maybe it's just being 4.

auntiegwen said...

it's really not that unusual at that age, take it from me a survivor of 3 children who've all been 4 and sulky.

Someimes they're still sulky !!!

Working mum said...

Thank you Auntie Gwen, at least I know she's normal now. Teaching teenagers I'm used to sulky 13 year olds, but I didn't expect it to start so early!

Pamela G. (aka-Mimi, Pixie Dust Diva, Little Skinny Butt said...

This is such a funny blog! Girls are so unpredictable little things. Some days they are so sweet and other days they make you want to scream. Of course, we contain that urge...well...maybe some of the time. My baby girl is now 32 years old, with a 5 year old of her own. It is quite entertaining to sit back and watch my granddaughter behave exactly the way her mother did when she was young. Ahhh, the rewards! Just hang in there - it gets better! She's just adorable!

womaninawindow said...

Funny, isn't it, how they want their best friends around but then they don't know how to manage seeing them in their place?

I'm impressed by how much you offered to play with the kids. Boy, I've been deficiant in that category lately.

cheshire wife said...

I susppose we all have our off days.

A Confused Take That Fan said...

WMOTV - you and your husband ound fantastic! Do you hir yourselves out to entertain children? If so what are your hourly rates?