Sunday, 31 August 2008

That 'Back to School' Feeling

The nights are drawing in, the air is getting cooler, the colours of the leaves are turning. It's nearly Autumn and it's time to go back to school. After eight weeks of being a SAHM, I have to go back to being a SOWM (Stressed Out Working Mum) on Wednesday.

As usual, I have that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach at the thought of returning to the treadmill. The getting up at 6.00am, getting daughter ready and out of the house, working for 8 hours, coming home, cooking tea, doing bath and bedtime story, then 2 more hours work before falling into bed to sleep the sleep of the dead unless daughter decides otherwise.

Actually, experience tells me that within a couple of days it'll be fine. I'll be back into the old routine, getting to know my new pupils and catching up with my old ones.

However, this year is a little different. Not quite the same old routine. The difference this year is that daughter is starting school, and not only that, she is coming to school with me. I can't believe she is starting school already. Where did those four and a half years go?

I'm hoping we've made the right decision about sending her to my school (if you missed the dilemma, click here) and that she'll be happy and fulfilled. I'm hoping that life will be a little bit easier for us as a family without the dashing to and from the childminder's. I'm hoping I get to be a bit more of a real mum; dropping her off in the morning and picking her up (although she'll have to go into after care for half an hour as I finish school 30 mins later than her).

I know I will cry as I drop her off for the first time, but I've warned my form (who are all 17 years old and know me well from last year) so they said they'll have the tissues ready for me when I arrive at registration. Bless them!

But, before we can start the new school term there is a lot of Working Mum preparation to do so that the term runs smoothly. (I have a kind of seige mentality when it comes to school terms).

So far I have:
  • bought two new suits, three blouses and lots of tights and knee highs
  • spring cleaned upstairs (can't do downstairs until the lounge is finished) so that minimum maintenance is required for the next 6 weeks
  • cooked several soups, casseroles, pasta sauces and mash for the freezer
  • stocked the freezer with useful ingredients such as peas, bacon, prawns, minced beef, etc
  • stocked up on storecupboard staples such as pasta, pesto, rice, tinned tomatoes, coconut milk, tuna, butterbeans, etc
  • stocked up on stamps (see? getting into seige mentality now)
  • stocked up on these:
(staple of any teacher's briefcase)
  • stocked up on these:

Now I'm ready!

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Wish me luck!


Dusty Spider said...

Oooh Good Luck Working Mum. It seems you have everything under control though. Daughter will be fine and it will be lovely to have her so close. Flick xx

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

l'm just taking abreak from writing , 'an appointment with the grind stone' LOL...
even writing baout getting back into the groove, gives me palpitations..

bonne chance..!!

saz x

gigi said...

GOOD LUCK to you and to your little one! Should be exciting for every one!

Millennium Housewife said...

Crikey, if there's ever a national emegency I'm coming over to yours. MH

Suburbia said...

Sounds so familiar!! Stocked up my freezer too but I never want to use it all up so I stuggle cooking every night anyway and the freezer stays full!
Hope all goes well. I cried first day at school for my two and this time every year I wish they didn't have to go back to school I love the holidays.
Back to the grindstone!

Mom of Three said...

Luck! I'll need it as well, I have one starting school--Eldest is homeschooled, Princess would have nothing to do with it. So even though Eldest is nearly ten, this will be my first experience with one leaving the nest.

And routine. That routine! Yes, it will be fine, like you, but just that initial startup. I'm like an old Ford who hasn't been started all summer.

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Back to school eh? Those were the words, or sentiments anyway, that used to have me consider more attractive alternatives, like being suspended by my ankles with my head in a bucket full of red ants.

But I know that they are better for some and perhaps *you* make a difference.

Potty Mummy said...

You are so organised. I just wrote down your list of emergency ingredients and put it on my shopping list for tomorrow...

auntiegwen said...

I am so shamed, I did none of those back to school things and I went back last Tuesday !!!!

Claire Sutton said...

Does mash freeze OK then?

Reluctant Housewife said...

I marvel at your energy.

Good luck with the new school year!

A Confused Take That Fan said...

wow. I wish I was as organised as you. Good luck with the first day for both of you! I bet you are glad you made the decision of her going to your school now the time has come...

cheshire wife said...

Good Luck with the new term. Hope daughter settles into school. So why is the living room not finished?

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

How impressive and very efficient. I'm sure your little one will be fine - my Grandson is starting on Thursday, so feeling wobbly too. M :-(

Working mum said...

Claire, mash freezes very well. Two good reasons for freezing mash:

1 We can never eat 5lb potatoes before they go green so it saves wasste

2 You only have to peel potatoes once and then you have ready made mash for other meals.

Cheshire Wife - lounge waiting for electricians to fit lights, carpet fitter and arrival of sofas. Will post when finished.

Claire Sutton said...

Ta for tips.

Wish Izzy good luck for tomorrow, hope it goes well for all 3 of you!