Saturday, 9 August 2008

Mr Sandman Bring Me a Dream

Never to have to sand ever again.

The plumber says he wants to put the new radiator in our bedroom at the same time as the one in the lounge so he only has to drain the system once. Hence, I have had to step up a gear on the decorating the lounge front. So today, husband took daughter to an indoor play centre while I attempted to prepare the room for painting. I know this sounds like role reversal, but as husband would readily agree, his decorating would never come up to my exacting standards!

I bought myself a state of the art Bosch sander when we bought this house thinking it would make the job easier. I am now learning to hate it.

I have just spent 5 hours sanding down walls and paintwork in the lounge. Bear in mind this is the ninth room in which I have done this. I say 5 hours, I was interrupted once when our next door neighbour, who is a fireman, rushed round and shouted

"There's smoke coming from your patio doors!"

I emerged from the room looking like I had been lightly dusted with icing sugar.

"It's not smoke, it's dust." I explained.

Despite my respirator mask I feel like I have swallowed/inhaled half of the plaster dust and am fast developing asthma.

I am now going to lubricate my poor throat:

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Well, it is Saturday night!


gigi said...

I have one of those cute little sanders also. It does help with the sanding but I've learned to secretly hate it. Good luck!

Suzysoo said...

I do these types of rotten jobs myself as well. Purely because if I waited for a man to do it I would have a very long wait with any of the men I know!!

Hope your hard work ends soon - it's meant to be the holidays, remember?

auntiegwen said...

How do you know you're getting older ?

when you say " I've bought myself a state of the art" and follow it up with " Bosch Sander"

not having a dig, merely empathising, I get overexcited in Lakeland Plastics !

cheshire wife said...

I know exactly how you feel. My husband's standards are not as high as mine, so I have to do all the fiddly bits. Keep going it's worth it in the end.