Saturday, 2 August 2008

Don't send a man to do a Working Mum's job

Amongst all the things we are doing to the house this summer, we are searching for wardrobe doors. We have a built-in wardrobe in our bedroom and I want to modernise it with some new doors. It's not a standard size so we can't buy ready made doors. So off we went to our local timber merchants to see what they could do.

I found lovely beech doors with moulding, but the price list gave fixed sizes, none of which would fit.

Veneered doors were available made to measure, but they were plain, no moulding.

As we had daughter in tow (bribed with a visit to nearby Toys 'R' Us if she was good) I sent husband to find out if the beech doors were available made to measure while I amused her with the rolls of chains and nuts and bolts.

He returned and said "No, just those sizes"

I asked "Can they make different designs in the made to measure veneered doors?"

He said "I'll ask"

He returned, "No, just plain doors"

We started to leave the shop when I noticed a exemplar door with moulding and a sign saying
"Made to measure MDF veneered doors, ask a member of staff"

I left husband to amuse daughter while I asked.

The bloke on the counter said, "I'll get Steve for you. He makes the doors"

Steve was very helpful, I explained that I like the beech doors, but need an unusual size. He said he could make similar in the MDF veneered, but he thought the ones I liked could be made to measure. A quick phone call later, "Yes, we can get them in your size for £64 each"

"Can you deliver them for free for me?" I asked (always worth a try)

"Are you local?"


"I'll drop them off for you"

The doors I wanted, made to measure, delivered for free.



gigi said...

Yea! It's always fun when you get what you went for and get it delivered!! Yes!
Sounds like yall are continueing to make progress.

Frog in the Field said...

Well Done!
They are so bloody useless sometimes, I despair.
Obviously I'm not including Darling Husband in this dreadful sweeping statement...ahem!

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Bloody hell, did it have to be that obscure??

Robyn said...

Who hoo, Good thing you caught the sign. Why in the world didn't the first sales person know this.

Melipop said...

How strange that your husband didn't get that answer! Cal does the same trick when asked to make an enquiry - he invariably comes back with a 'no, impossible, they can't do it' and I go and ask and I get a 'yup, of course'. Weird that (and it is nothing to do with looks - you've seen my pictures!).

cheshire wife said...

If it is any consolation I have similar problems with my husband. I don't understand why they can't get their head around such issues. When we did the bedroom at our last house he admitted that he had no idea what I was trying to achieve until the room was finished and the carpet fitted.

Angel said...

Hmmm. You think that's bad!... Mine couldn't even entertain the idea of putting new doors on wardrobe! He IS Frank Spencer and has had so many mishaps over the years our friends call me Betty!
Things like ordering the wrong items then ripping the packaging open to find it's the wrong size (we have a shed full!) making DIY blunders, electricity shorting the house, water flooding the name it.
These days I would ask the experts first every time!

Potty Mummy said...

You've reminded me of a favourite family expression. I might even write a post on it. It's 'the man look'. Mind you, I probably don't need to post - you know what I'm talking about already, don't you?

auntiegwen said...

I used to think that my husband just pretended it wasn't possible as he knew I would do it myself anyway.

eventually that mutated into the "but you're so much better at that kinda stuff than me"

Working mum said...

Interesting .... do you think the salesmen help a woman more than they do a man? Or does husband just not ask the right questions?

Potty Mummy - Yes, I think I know what a 'man look' is!

Auntie Gwen - I use the "but you do it better than me" defence to get out of doing lots of jobs ( mowing lawn, changing lightbulbs, etc) otherwise I'd end up doing everything! Works both ways!

scrappysue said...

ask and ye shall receive!!! good job