Monday, 4 August 2008

A Day at the Races

Tickets booked, picnic packed and ......

............they're off!

Yes, we've had a day at Chester Races.

It was Family Day so I bullied my family into going. My brother asked if it was moral to teach a four year old to gamble, but I told him, if it's good enough for the Queen .........

In true working mum form I organised them into bringing a decent picnic. Good job we could park on the course as we couldn't have carried the cool boxes very far. My homemade lamb and apricot burgers went down a treat on disposable barbecues together with lincolnshire pork sausages and halloumi veggie kebabs. Various salads, dips and relishes accompanied the cooked food. My mum provided cold meats and a cheese board. Finally, my lemon drizzle cake was devoured along with the fresh raspberries. It was a veritable feast!

As it was family day there were free inflatables, free face painting, free balloon modelling for the kids as well as a fun fair. You could almost forget there were races!

The excitement started with the 2.20. We studied the form:

chose our horses and sent the men to put the bets on. Then we shouted and screamed at our horses as they raced past us:

At the end of the meeting, we'd each had a winner in at least one race. My mum and I backed "The Last Bottle" in the last race as it sounded appropriate but it came 3rd. By then we'd finished the last bottle in the picnic so we didn't care!

On the way home I asked daughter if she had enjoyed her first trip to the races. She looked glum and asked,

"Why didn't I pick six winners?"

I pointed out that it was very difficult to pick all six winners and she did pick two winners and two second.

"That's not good" she announced, "Second isn't the WINNER!"

I wonder who she takes after with her desire to succeed?

Well, I think a Grand Day Out was had by all!


gigi said...

What a beautiful picture of mom and daughter! Looks like a wonderful family day! Lucky you =)

blogthatmama said...

Each way bets are a good way to get more excitement out of the race, and possibly more cash if you don't always pick the winners!

Robyn said...

That sounds like a great time. I like that she thought she could pick six winners.

cheshire wife said...

Sounds more like Ascot than Chester, but I have to admit that we have never been to Chester races despite living just outside Chester.

Nicol said...

What a fun day! If I am ever back east (we don't have races in the state that I live) I would like to see one.

scrappysue said...

what a fun day AND a gourmet picnic! i love going to the races - should do it more often!

farmibng-frenchstyle said...

Wwhat gorgeous curls she has. Glad you had a great day.