Monday, 7 July 2008

Working Mum's End of Year Report

I'm nearing the end of another school year. I've written over a hundred reports so far. I'm losing the will to live along with the ability to spell "conscientious". Then I thought, "How about a report for me? How am I doing in the 'having it all' programme?"

Here goes, Working Mum's End of Year Report:


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Working mum has worked conscientiously this year, making good progress with her classes. She volunteered for an internal post for which she was well suited, but ultimately unsuccessful. She did not push herself forward for the Head of Department job showing instead a mature approach to her workload. She should continue to work with diligence to fulfil her potential.


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Working mum has enabled daughter to take part in a variety of activities thus ensuring her continued development. She should be commended for her ability to stick, glue, cut, bake, sew, dance and commentate on rocking horse races within an hour of getting up. Her playhouse curtains were awarded a merit.


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Working mum has kept football obsessed husband fed, clothed and watered and enabled him to attend football matches both home and away. She has ensured a plentiful supply of crisps, nuts and beer and, with continued effort, should facilitate another happy year of marriage.


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Working mum has demonstrated boundless energy and motivation in the stripping and sanding department. She has tastefully designed a master bedroom and worked with perseverence on the project. She has shown infinite patience with the patio man who has yet to finish her beautifully designed stone patio. Her next project, the lounge, promises to be her most ambitious yet.
Extra Curricular Activites

Working mum has taken on the responsibility of writing a blog ............

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......... has sung in several concerts, as well as a live broadcast on the BBC ........

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............. is slowly coming to terms with the demands of her new digital SLR camera...............

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........... and has enjoyed a few of these ...........

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Well, how else does a working mum manage?!


the mother of this lot said...

'Working Mum has occasionally taken on the mantle of 'blog class clown', and whilst I would hope that this will improve with maturity, she has managed to keep both the blog world and myself entertained and amused all year. She has been a delight to read.'

What do I know? I've only ever written Year 1 reports!!

Nunhead Mum of One said...

You're wearing me out! And making me feel that I need to be doing more!

you have an award and a tag at my place!


gigi said...

You are a WONDER WOMAN!!
Amazingly talented!

blogthatmama said...

Working Mum deserves a lie down after all that! Well done on your year's achievements, keep up the good work!

jakelliesmom said...

I think you've earned high marks for this year!

Suzysoo said...

Working mum receives A*.

And another A* for welcoming shy newcomers like me(?) into the blogworld!

She should allocate some well deserved 'me' time to herself very soon to recharge her batteries.

Well done, hon, we are all extremely proud of you!

Maggie May said...

Bet you will have withdrawal symptoms over the holiday! LOL

Can Bass 1 said...

My word, dear lady, haven't you been busy?

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

Good for you working mum - and award yourself a gold star for remaining sane throughout!

the mother of this lot said...

By the way, ran into a Cathedral choir blog (don't ask) and thought of you!

Robyn said...

That was great. It sound like you have been a busy little bee.

scrappysue said...

that's a pretty good report. i give you an A+!!!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

My word, that's the best report I've read in a long time. Top of the class, and now it's time for a little break. M xx