Sunday, 13 July 2008

Too much Disney?

Today I was commentating on one of daughter's rocking horse races. This has now got terribly elaborate. I use the Disco Diva microphone to describe course, the going, the runners and riders, the jockeys' silks, etc before the race even begins.

Daughter always rides "Parsley" her Victorian rocking horse. Her biggest rivals are "Cinnamon" and "Oregano" (we go for a spice theme). It's always a close run thing with Parsley neck and neck with a rival. Parsley doesn't always win (an important life lesson, I think).

After the race daughter is interviewed in the paddock explaining why Parsley did/didn't win.

Today it was the Grand National at Aintree (we always choose a real course, sometimes it's The Derby, sometimes Ladies' Day at Ascot, sometimes flat racing from Haydock or Chester).

They negotiated the jumps (including Beecher's Brook), they made good time over the straights. Parsley was in the lead with Cinnamon close behind. It was nearly all over.

Then, at the final fence, Cinnamon fell!

The way was open for another victory for Parsley.

Suddenly Parsley was pulled up and daughter dismounted!

"Unprecedented behaviour on the course" I commentated, "What is happening? Parsley's rider has dismounted yards from the finishing post. What is going on?"

Daughter calmly told me, "I'm helping Cinnamon's rider get back on"

Get the feeling we've seen Disney Pixar's "Cars" too many times?


Suburbia said...

Bless her! Well she couldn't just leave the rider to get trampled could she?

Do you take bets yet?!!

Nicol said...

First, that is sweet. And what an imagination you have helped her with. I can't tell you how many children in my daycare have no imagination. They expect either the TV or the an adult to entertain them.

Second, horse races are completely foreign to me. To the best of my knowledge, there are no races here. I have heard a little about races, and have only seen one and that happened to be on the movie My Fair Lady. It would certainly be interesting to watch one in real life even though I don't gamble.

The Fixer said...

ooh, i do need a bit of tuition...

i'm no good at maths or geography and i can easily get to your house!

Daryl and Bella might have to wait!!

Sass E-mum said...

Fantastic game. She never stops surprising you, does she?

Maggie May said...

She had to rescue the rider, being a compassionate child!

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

You see, too much TV can be good for them . . .

Mean Mom said...

That sounds like a good game and it was very sweet of your daughter to go and help the fallen rider.