Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Summer Project - Doing up the lounge

As you know we are "doing up the house". So far we have done two bathrooms, one kitchen, one study, two bedrooms and the dining room. Not to mention the outside! Although I am still working on our bedroom (which I started in February), we have started on this summer's project - the lounge.

When we moved into the house all the windows looked like this:

Fearing for my daughter's health, and my sanity, we had all new windows fitted in the house and patio doors fitted in the lounge. So, for the last 18 months, the lounge windows have looked like this (see that plaster work cleverly hidden behind the curtain?):

(Yes, that is a bright pink carpet we inherited)

Also, when we moved in the electrical wiring was original 1950s - rubber conduit and no earth. Again, fearing for my daughter's life, as well as our own, we had to have the whole house rewired. Since then, my lounge has looked like this:

(See those wires sticking out of the middle of the wall waiting for light fittings?)

We thought we would take the opportunity that rewiring presented to have halogen lights fitted in the lounge ceiling:

Now they all have to come out so that a new ceiling can be fitted in three weeks time.

Today the pink carpet and our old suite are heading off to pastures new in a hostel for the homeless. Then the whole process of transforming the room begins.

I've already chosen the new fireplace:

An awful lot of stripping, sanding and painting needs to take place before it arrives.

Wish me luck!


gigi said...

GOOD LUCK! I love the new fireplace! It's going to be so fun for yall when you get your projects completed. We've been doing the same things. Slowly and one thing at a time. But it is eventually coming together. Yea! for you.

The Dotterel said...

And you've got eight weeks 'holiday' to get it all done! (Although think you're letting the side down telling everyone about our long vacations - they'll all assume we're sunning it in the south of Francwe for over a month, instead of desperately getting next years classes sorted - which, of course, I'm not for once!)

cheshire wife said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope to hear from you again soon.

The photographs on your post bring back memories of some of the work that we have done. We have made mistakes along the way and have had to redo things. Either you redo them or live with an irritating mistake. I think that you are very brave doing yor lounge over the summer. We aim to work indoors in the winter and on the garden over the summer, as we are both keen gardeners.

I wish you luck. Just think how nice it will look when it is finished.

MamaGeek said...

Oh how fun. It always is so rewarding to renovate lke that. The fireplace looks lovely. Man, houses are so much work, aren't they?

Suzysoo said...

It doesn't look that bad now, but I bet it will look amazing when its finished!

And the fireplace is gorgeous. Keep us posted. I love before and after pics!

scrappysue said...

i'll bet it's going to be fabulous when done! i see blogger doesn't like me at your site either! i update MOST days! what's with this 2 months ago rubbish!?! blogger really are skating on thin ice lol