Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Soprano Down!

Last night was our last concert of the season at St Ann's church in the centre of Manchester.

All was going well until about half way through the first half when I started to feel a bit woozy. Now, I have had headaches and a few dizzy moments in the last week or so, but I put it down to 'end of school year exhaustion'. Happens every year; two weeks into the holidays I start to pick up again. (I also have low blood pressure so I'm prone to this sort of thing.)

Anyway, I started to feel a bit faint.

"I need more air" I thought, "I'll just breath more". Not easy when singing Lotti's Crucifixus.

No better. I started moving my hair to get air to the back of my neck.

"I just need to make it to the end of the first half" I thought.

Then, I starting going cold and clammy. I realised that I really was going to faint.

"Oh my God, I'm going to faint" I thought. I couldn't faint, I'd knock everyone over, I needed to get out.

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Now, I stand in the very centre of the choir. Not easy to get out. If I go forward I knock over two sopranos and the conductor. If I go sideways I knock over all the other sopranos' music. Perhaps I can go behind the ladies and in front of the tenors?

A quick look confirmed this as my best option. I closed my folder, put my head down and went for it.

"I'll go to the vestry and sit down. If I can just get to the vestry" I thought.

That's when I saw the very large wooden vestry door with clanking metal handles was shut.

"Oh no, I'll make a Holy racket if I open it. I'll make for the chairs at the back of the church"

So I walked calmly down the side to the back of the church when I realised that all the chairs were occupied by the people doing the interval refreshments.

"Oh heck, what do I do now? I know, I'll sit in the back pew". I was getting desperate.

The back pew was full of audience! What they heck were they doing sitting at the back when there was room further forward?

"I'll have to just duck into another pew", I thought.

So I quickly ducked into the nearest pew, sat down, put my head between my knees and literally prayed!

Luckily, a very kind man from the back of the church brought me a glass of water.

I've now joined the ranks of sopranos who abandon concert part way through!

(In case you were wondering, I watched the second half then got home safely with another choir member. A good night's sleep last night and I feel a lot better)


the mother of this lot said...

Glad you're feeling better. Wish I'd known you were singing in town - I'd have come along. If only to mop your fevered brow!

Suzysoo said...

Oh boy, I know what that's like as I have low blood pressure too. You feel like you're there, but not really there and dreaming it all!

Usually happens to me at the supermarket checkout!

gigi said...

Oh how awful! So sorry. Glad that a good nights rest helped you feel better.

Robyn said...

Scary stuff. I hope everything is ok. I know you said you were feeling better, try get some rest girl.

Maggie May said...

Oh dear....... I was getting so worried! As I have sung in choirs, I was with you on stage, trying to look for a way out.
So glad you were OK! Also that you had the presence of mind to remove yourself!

The Dotterel said...

Sure it wasn't just a comment on the music in the second half? Or, indeed, a reaction to the Lotti? glad your feeling better.


Aw, love St Ann's church. Go there at Christmas sometimes. Wish I'd known you were there! Feel for you re the fainting - my similar experience is rather more sordid though and involves running around a restaurant in France trying to find the loo and hold in volcano of vomit at the same time. Suffice to say I failed dismally. Yuck.

Glad to hear you're still with us.

Nicol said...

I used to have that problem when I was younger. It can be quite scary at moments.

I am giving you a blog award! Come over to my place to collect it!

Suburbia said...

You poor thing. I think I would have fainted just from the anxiety of the situation. You did well to stay upright!

Sass E-mum said...

Sounds horrible. However, I'm still impressed at your avatar-ability. And congratulations on your award.

cheshire wife said...

Nothing like acting like a diva! I am amazed that you can remember it all in so much detail.

Pleased to hear that you are feeling better.

Gary said...

Seems like a bit of unwanted drama but I am glad that you are feeling better now.

"I've now joined the ranks of sopranos who abandon concert part way through!" Do tell, I know nothing about this.

Casdok said...

Oh gosh. Sounds very scary, but glad you are ok now.

blogthatmama said...

Poor you, it's bad enough thinking you're about to faint without having to worry about where you're going to do it!

scrappysue said...

glad you're feeling better. soprano's not singing for two is she? (just thought i'd say it)

GoneBackSouth said...

Glad you're feeling better since. That happened to me after the panto we went to in January. I had a few nights of going to bed at 9pm and I recovered! You do need to listen to your body though, maybe you need to take it easy a bit.

Working mum said...

Thanks for your concern. I actually saw the funny side afterwards which was why I posted it.

Gary - there seems to be a tradition in our choir of sopranos flaking out before the end of the concert - fainting, coughing fits, running out to be sick, etc. Must be the curse of the sopranos!

Scrappy Sue - definitely not!

GBS - I am trying to rest, but daughter wakes me up at 6.30am every morning!