Thursday, 31 July 2008

An evening alone

Football obsessed husband has gone to watch City in Barnsley (these away games are increasing). I could've sworn the season had only just finished. Well, it gives me time to catch up with my blogging (and eat that bar of Fruit and Nut I've been hiding). I know I haven't posted anything since the trip to the beach on Monday, but I've been rather busy, as usual.

This is what I've been up to this week:
  • painted two coats of Polycell Crack Free Ceiling, one of Polycell Basecoat and two of Dulux Satinwood in our bedroom. Now have beautiful smooth white room ready to emulsion in Sandstone and Raspberry Diva!
  • took daughter to see 'Wall-e' (very clever animation but a little disappointing; I think I need dialogue in a film)
  • just remembered husband's birthday in time to bake a cake and dash to Tesco (TGFT)
  • all went out for lunch for husband's birthday (total cost £3.80 TGFT Deals Vouchers!)
  • bought new pots for patio and planted them
  • went swimming with daughter in Manchester Aquatic Centre (hurrah for the legacy of the Commonwealth Games!)
  • emptied the lounge of all furniture (resulting in massive bruises on my arms making me look like battered wife). Means we now have no TV at all as we are decorating the two rooms that have an aerial - bad planning - how will I survive without CBeebies?
  • made endless cups of coffee (with two) for plasterers, who are transforming the lounge
  • ordered a new fire to go in new fireplace as old one was kaput when they removed it (must see if money tree is fruiting....)
  • fixed my gas and electric prices until next September (yay!) then used the saving to replace all my underwear in a massive raid on M&S (haven't had new since before daughter was born, thought it time)
  • booked tickets for all my family for Chester Races then organised them into bringing decent picnic (brother found this most amusing but he will thank me!)
  • broke it gently to my father that parking at Races is £10 (my father never pays to park his car anywhere. He will drive for ages to find a free spot in a back street miles from where you want to be rather than pay 50p for an hour. I think it's a point of principle now)
  • tricked daughter into painting 12 tester pots onto lining paper for me to choose colours for lounge (told her she was learning to paint squares)
  • been practising with my new camera, so look out for tomorrow's Photostory Friday!


gigi said...

You always amaze me as to how much you can get done! I wish I could just get half of that done. You are so cute about your family. Amanda warned me about Wall-e. I'm like you, I need some talking, so I didn't bother taking the girls. Their parents can take them or they can wait until it's out on DVD.

Melipop said...

I love it (learning to paint squares). I hope it did end up on the wall and she did not Gok herself a new outfit with the pretty colours. Raspberry Diva sounds fabulous!

Suburbia said...

Wow! How do you manage to get so much done in the school hols?!
You hide chocolate too? ;)

scrappysue said...

man, you put us to shame you are so goal-oriented! love the lunch bargain tho! interesting about wall-e. i've seen the trailer TOO many times and i was wondering.....thanks for the heads up! i'm only around for one week of the next school holidays (before i fly to NY!) to i might get miss 16 to take her sisters to it!

Nicol said...

What a busy week! I love the learning to paint squares with your dd!

claire sutton said...

Doesn't everyone hide chocolate?

Robyn said...

You are a busy bee. I hate paying for parking myself.