Thursday, 24 July 2008

Communication problems?

Three things that are really irritating me at the moment.

1 Not answering my questions even though you've heard them:

Me: "Are you ready?"
Me:"Are you ready?"
Him: "YES!"

(Was I supposed to infer from your silence that you had heard me and were indeed ready?)

2 Not listening to me in the first place:

Me: "Shall we go to B&Q then?"
Him: "What?"

Me: "Shall we have fajitas for tea?"
Him: "What?"

Me: "Do you want a cup of coffee?"
Him: "What?"

(When I start talking - listen!)

3 Forgetting entire conversations:

Him: "I've told my sister we'll go on Sunday"
Me: "But I've already booked us in"
Him: "What for?"
Me: "The choir barbecue"
Him: "What choir barbecue?"
Me: "I told you I'd take daughter to Choir barbecue and give you a chance to get some work done in peace. You said great idea. You told me to sign up for it!"
Him: "I didn't say that"

(If we have a conversation, please remember it)

Is this what happens after 15 years?


SMS said...

Beware, it can be infectious!

Sass E-mum said...

Ha ha. That works both ways for us. Really bugs me that Recaro can never remember arrangements for seeing MY family!

A Confused Take That Fan said...

15 years? I am surprised it took so long...

gigi said...

I think it is wonderful you made it 15 years! Most men stop listening after about a year or so. Sometimes it comes back to really bite them. He He He.

Nunhead Mum of One said...

No, it's not fifteen years. I have this after six.....conversations that I have no recollection of taking part in are mentioned at length and conversations that I distinctly remember with myself and Himself are not remembered, with such classic comments as "what, was I asleep when you told me that" and "now, why would I agree to that?" issuing forth.

Great. I've now started writing everything of importance in a huge diary that lives in our kitchen.

But he forgets to look at it.....

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

LOL...l'd like tot ell you i gets better, we've been together for 26 years, 33 if you count the 'breaks'...nuff said....Mmmmmm

well thats the great thing about being 'here' you do get some responses....

sara x

echoeve said...

I agree I hate every single one of those. However, I think that all my children do the same thing.

cheshire wife said...

I do not think that it is anything to do with the length of time you have been married. It's men - they hear what they want to. I have threatened to buy my husband a hearing aid.

scrappysue said...

YES!!! it's just a man thing. no getting around it. i suggest leaping on him, flashing him, or saying something you don't mean to get his attention hehe

auntiegwen said...

I would say that if it's taken 15 years to get to that stage, he obviously is a fantastic communicator, most men get to that stage within the first 2 years.

I know, I know, cynicism abot men, thy name is Gwen

Claire Sutton said...

Hmmmm. At least you get conversations,albeit one sided ones.

At our house, husband hardly ever home so my conversations with him are mostly done by email or text. Mind you, at least I get a reply to those!

Working mum said...

Never thought this would provoke so many comments!

I think the problem is he's off work at the moment so these foibles are all the more evident!

Eve said...

And wait...when you have teenagers they do the same,

Me.."Put your clothes in the laundry"

Two days later..

Me.."Well they'd be clean if you'd put them in the laundry"

or Me.." No, you definitely said go ahead and buy it."

(see gigi's comment)

Reluctant Housewife said...

Yes. That's what you get after 15 years. I think it's like that for everybody, just about.

We're at 15 years too!... Well, actually 10 years married and 17 years together next anniversary. (yikes)(so not really 15 is it? Lol I guess I just want to fit in :)