Tuesday, 3 June 2008

What to do with a windfall?

Don't you just love a windfall?

This summer we finish paying the childminder in July and we start paying school fees in September so we have one month without paying half my salary to someone! So, not strictly a windfall, but still some money we wouldn't normally have.

What to do? What to do?

a) Be sensible and save it toward a new car?

b) Put it away for a rainy day?

c) Treat ourselves?

After four years of paying for childcare and spending every spare penny we have on doing up the house we have decided to go for option c) and treat ourselves!

Inspired by mamageek's fantastic photos I decided I wanted a new camera. My film SLR is out of date now. My little Nikon digital compact is great but I feel restricted. My inner photographer needs to come out!

What I really want is this:

but what we can afford is this:

Can you tell the difference?

No, neither can I, but I'm off to the camera shop this weekend to find out and see if they can do me a deal.

And, if I buy it with my Tesco credit card (TGFT), I get more Tesco 'days out' vouchers giving us free days out at museums and parks this summer where I can take lots of photos with my new camera!

I'm so good at this 'spending money to save money' lark!

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Look out for some amazing photos soon!


auntiegwen said...

You need shoes, red wine and lip gloss. You should also go see Sex and the City, and have cocktails beforehand. If there's money left over buy a handbag

This is the gospel according to St Gwen patron saint of waste your money type shopping

Frog in the Field said...

My youngest has 'dropped' our camera and I'm gutted at not taking pics of them and the thought of buying another....just another bill..ugh!

MamaGeek said...

Oh how exciting. Those are both fine cameras BTW. I love my SLR but I love my glass that goes on the SLR even more! Ah, the black hole that is photography.

I can't WAIT to see your shots, have SO much fun with it! Woot!

Maggie May said...

Well I would spend half & save half for a rainy day!
Anyway, if you decide to blue the lot on the camera, hope you get one that meets all your needs & pocket. I am also getting increasingly interested in photography. My little digital does not zoom in for really close ups though, but is a good all rounder!

Mom of Three said...

I got a Sony digital SLR that fits my old Minolta lenses and I LOVE MY CAMERA!! It's like a friend, almost! Love it! I say good choice! Life is short, eat dessert first.

Red said...

Paying for childcare is a killer, and now you've got the fees to consider too...life's too short, you're right to treat yourself...and you'll get to capture lovely memoriesso so not a wasteful treat (altho' I like aunti gwen's list too!)

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Ooh treat yourself, without a doubt! And also, you are doing it for the family getting those free days out vouchers...so everyone is a winner. Enjoy.
And if there is money left, do as auntigwen says...shoes, red wine, lip gloss and SATC.

Stacie said...

i want a new camera too! good luck on your purchase, hopefully I will be following suit soon!

gigi said...

I did my reserch online because when I went to the store to try and get help the sales person was so clueless I about lost it with them. I want a new camera too and I want the Nikon D-80 but I don't want to pay for it. I want some one to just give it to me. Seeing as that's not likely to happen, I've been trying to figure out just how I'm going to do this??

Gerbil said...

we got ourselves a good slr after our camera was stolen. I really need a good zoom lens but i love my camera. I swear its smarter than I am! I think they're a great asset.

scrappysue said...

auntiegwen is my new BFF! i like her thinking!

is one of them a 400D? we have the 400D - not too diff from the 350D - DH is a canon fan from way back.

it takes GREAT pics! best of all, there are lots of megapixels to play around with if you find you have left the telefoto at home!

keep us posted on the big spend!

Reluctant Housewife said...


I love to travel.

Cameras are good too, though. I love taking pictures.

Yeah. A camera. good choice.

family affairs said...

You will love that - I've got one x

Swearing Mother said...

Brilliant accounting! And just think, you are sving so much money using your Tesco vouchers for days out in the summer holidays, you could upgrade the camera if you wanted to!