Thursday, 26 June 2008

How to listen to Working/Singing Mum

As you know I am singing live on Radio 4 on Monday at 9.45am BST.

This is me practising:

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"Amaaaaay zi i i ng Graaaaace"

It'll be better on the day.

For anyone who would like to listen I have compiled the following instructions for listening via the web:

(Of course I have, I'm a teacher!)

Firstly, go to the BBC Radio 4 website. Once there, click on the "Listen Live" button. You should get the BBC iPlayer in a new window.

Now for the important bit: under the "LISTEN LIVE" heading click on "LW" otherwise you'll be listening to the wrong programme!

(Yes, I have done that in the past - "Where's Jools Holland? It's supposed to be Jools Holland. Pass me the Radio Times. Yes, it definitely says Jools Holland. Oh, on LW not FM")

If anyone misses my 15 minutes of fame, wait one day and then the programme can be found under "LISTEN AGAIN" in the iPlayer. It'll be "Daily Service (Monday)".

I just hope I don't do anything embarrassing live on the BBC!

Wish me luck!


blogthatmama said...

Good luck Working Mum! I'll have to try and do that digital thing cos I'll be at work but I hope it goes really well. Blogthatmamax

scrappysue said...

it'll be morning for me and i'm teaching a craft class at miss 11's school, so i'll be 'listening again'!! can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I will try to listen if small-fry will permit.

Hope all goes well.

Daisy [about 20 miles NE of Manchester]

gigi said...

One of my favorite songs, Amazing Grace. You'll do wonderful. I'm excited for ya.

family affairs said...

Loads of luck. I'm looking forward to hearing it. V exiting x

Suburbia said...

Good Luck, how exciting!

MamaGeek said...

GIRL, you are a ROCK STAR! Seriously, I am SO impressed with all your talents.

One big KUDOS right atcha.

Robyn said...

good luck!

Single Mother on the Verge said...

ooh good luck

Anonymous said...


Came here via Mothers Pride.

Just *had* to brag about my husband giving Jools Holland a lift to the Indian restaurant in Coventry in 1991. He was staying at the hotel we were managing at the time...

I have a pic of Jools and myself, but the expression on my face is odd! May have to photo shop it! lol