Monday, 19 May 2008

Working Mum's guide to being frugal

With the credit crunch taking hold, petrol at £1.10 ($2.20) a litre, and food prices soaring (£1.35 for a loaf!!) I have had to be a bit frugal.

Following my box of shame incident I found my wine rack sadly depleted so I endeavoured to replenish it. However, wine is now at least £5 a bottle.

I had a brainwave.

I ordered on-line from Tesco Wine Warehouse (TGFT).

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By ordering their special offers and ordering enough to qualify for free delivery I have saved myself about £75.


Unfortunately, husband then asked how much I had actually spent.



Reluctant Housewife said...

Too funny.

Spend more to save... It's a fun way to be frugal.

the mother of this lot said...

Hi WM - trying to catch up. I'm embarrassingly good at 'saving' money like that too.

The Fixer said...

LOL come visit me soon, i've explained why i've been so long!!
F x

Sarah said...

Prices are shooting up here too. Diesel fuel which was 80cts/litre this time last year is now 1.30Eur/litre. It makes me faint each time I fill up.

Wine prices seem to holding up though...(or down!)

The Fixer said...

Oh and yes, she has made up for giving away my ticket!

Thanks for coming!

Maggie May said...

And the problem is........ the more you have lying around, the more you drink!

GoneBackSouth said...

I know, I know. I guess the wine helps to numb the pain of petrol prices (and stops you driving too ... more savings there then).

MamaGeek said...

You truly DO have to spend to save! Darn those husbands. :)


Yes, but the great mood you will be in when you are drinking it! Just remind him of that.

Amanda said...

I hate it when saving costs so much. I do it all the time at those giant warehouse clubs. I will end up with 5 bottles of shaving cream. Then I don't have to buy it for like 2 years.

scrappysue said...

petrol is almost $2 a litre here too and the cost of living is sky rocketing. and it's an election year! i think the current government can kiss it goodbye!

Mom of Three said...

We are on the budget pinch as well. Cable is gone, what will go next, I haven't a clue.