Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Why I Love Teaching - Part 1

You know those adverts the government put on the telly about how fantastic teenagers are in the classroom (well behaved and interested)? The point being that you'll want to train to be a teacher? Well, here's a little secret teachers don't often let on....................... sometimes it's true.

I have the most interesting and varied job teaching teenagers and if it weren't for the government messing up things with tests and exams........

Anyway, to illustrate the fun parts of my job I think I'll post things that make me laugh from time to time. Here's number one:

* * * * * * *

Conversation at the start of my year 10 lessson this week:

Helen (entering room looking very agitated): Oh My God! My chickens are dead!

Me (trying to maintain order): What's that Helen?

Helen: My brother just texted me. The fox has got in and killed all my chickens. I'll have to have a funeral tonight.

Ed (completely deadpan): I'd have a barbecue.


Mean Mom said...

I can remember being pleasantly surprised, by my sons, and some of their friends, when they were just adolescents. Suddenly, they were no longer just clowning around. They were actually funny!

You probably also have occasions, when you know that you mustn't laugh at them, but you would really like to?

CC said...

I had a horrid year teaching teens, but the younger kids definitely make me laugh!

Gary said...

Hi Working Mum - Popped on over after reading your comment on dulwichmum. It is nice to read another teacher blog with the same passion and love of teaching as I do. Funny, I just posted some of the funny things my first graders said.

I look forward to catching up on your blog.

scrappysue said...

having teenagers, and spending a lot of time around them and their friends, i know that is EXACTLY how that conversation would go! they are so random and so much fun!

slouching mom said...


That's great!

And do you mean to tell me that the tests and exams mandated by the government of my country, the STUPID, IRRELEVANT, TIME-WASTING assessments, are not unique to the USA?

Amanda said...

It's refreshing to hear that there are some good teaching stories out there.

Although, most teenagers these days do make me nuts with all of the attitude and eye-rolling.