Monday, 12 May 2008

Why did he bother?

Ha ha ha ha ha!
Not such a lucky mascot then?!
(hang on, why am I laughing? it cost us £75!)


Her on the Hill said...

Aw, now you're being harsh...! It will have scarred his niece for life, years of therapy, poor kid. As for your husband...God, watch out!

So long Sven then.

Thanks for popping by at mine and for your supportive comments. It IS, important, isn't it. Fundamental really. I'm afraid there is no small secondary school around, and as the village school is just infants, I'm ashamed to say they've gone private - a large school, but one with great pastoral care and an emphasis on being good all-rounders, so sport music, etc high on the agenda too.

I've been in choirs since school - singing has been a hugely important part of my life. Am not currently in one - the local one is all old ladies so I'm not rushing, she says meanly - but would love to know which one you are a member of? Pure nosiness!

Sass E-mum said...

I don't get the football thing either. Far more fun to mess around in the sun with your family. Don't know what to suggest though - he sounds hooked.


You laughing, because sometimes it is worth the money to just see them squirm a little.

Just for you information, my niece is studying at Oxford this year as an exchange student from Wellesly, getting her feet wet in Europe.

Working mum said...

Her on the Hill - I think the City fans in his family just develop thick skins! My choir is the Manchester Chorale, there's a link on my blog to the Chorale's website. We rehearse near Fallowfield in Manchester, so not outside the realms of possibility for you to join! We need second sopranos!

Sass e-mum - I'm learning to live with it. At least it gives me time to blog without him knowing (must get round to telling him)

Working mom - great that your neice is coming to England. I hope she enjoys it, Oxford is soooooooo beautiful - lucky girl!

Casdok said...

Im with you..ha ha!!

Maggie May said...

It IS quite funny though!

the mother of this lot said...

I'm not saying a word. I'm not even laughing. (Much).

scrappysue said...

is manchester city different from manchester united, coz they just WON the EPL right against wigan? it's all so confusing for a non-soccer, sorry football chick!!!

Working mum said...

Scrappy Sue - soooooo different. Manchester United win lots of trophies and Manchester City don't!