Sunday, 11 May 2008

Soooo Football Obsessed!

Today husband has gone completely football crazy. He has gone to another away game.

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What's the problem? Well, it's where he's gone.

Where? Wait for it ......................

City vs ..................... MIDDLESBOROUGH!!!

He has paid £25 for his ticket and will spend about £50 on petrol travelling a six hour round journey!! To a football match!


.....because his neice is one of the mascots for City at the match. (His family are brainwashed into being City supporters from an early age; daughter is on the programme)

I could understand him going to Liverpool or Leeds or even Birmingham to see her, but MIDDLESBOROUGH!! RIDICULOUS!!

I just don't get this football thing, do I?!



So, I am here to visit you as you did me. Just cuz we are both working mums or moms, I am putting you on my list of reads. The football thing? Well, I married a coach, and it took me years to figure the football thing out. Not sure if I really have it figured out yet, to be honest.

Claire Sutton said...

And the score was TERRIBLE!!!! Take it there wasn't much to be said in your houselhold last night?

Needless to say my husband is very happy with their score yesterday and went to work this morning with a smug look on his face.